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Service Lists: Safeguards

The Commission maintains public and confidential service lists for its Import Injury investigations. Public service lists include the names of all parties to the investigations, as well as the address information for the parties or their counsel, if applicable. Confidential service lists include only the names and address information for representatives approved for access to confidential business information under the administrative protective order.

Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cells
TA-201-75 (Monitoring), Inactive
APO Service List,  November 19, 2019
Public Service List,  August 26, 2019

Fresh, Chilled, or Frozen Blueberries
TA-201-077 (Injury), Active
APO Service List,  December 22, 2020
Public Service List,  December 22, 2020

Large Residential Washers: Extension of Action
TA-201-076(Extension), Active
APO Service List,  September 29, 2020
Public Service List,  September 29, 2020

Large Residential Washers: Monitoring Developments in the Domestic Industry
TA-204-013, Inactive
APO Service List,  June 3, 2019
Public Service List,  April 30, 2019