This site user guide outlines the varies ways to find information on the web site, how the navigation is ordered, how content is geared toward specific audiences, and how you can contact us if you need assistance.

Finding Information

There are a few ways to get the information you want.

  • Search – use the search box at the top of any page to find anything on the site
    • Results are presented under four different tabs: All, Investigations, Federal Register Notices, and Publications.
    • Use standard search strategies to narrow your results (e.g., “electronic devices” or “intellectual property”)
  • Document Metadata Search:  On document-heavy pages such as Commission Publications, Import Injury Investigations, and Commission Notices, you'll find additional search options that allow you to keyword search and filter on metadata associated with the documents.
  • Top navigation – use the drop-down menu from the top of any page to see content about that topic.  See additional information below about using the navigation.
  • Customized Content on the Homepage for Site Audiences – At the bottom of the homepage, frequently-visited links are organized by audience. 
Exploring Content by Audience

Analytics have identified the USITC’s key audiences as:

  • First time site visitors
  • Media/press
  • Importers/exporters
  • Law firms
  • Corporations/businesses
  • Government
  • Researchers

In the By Audience section at the bottom of the homepage, users will find short-cut links to what our research shows are the most frequently visited pages for each of these audiences.  For example, the Law Firms segment includes links to resources on filing guidance, hearing protocol, and investigation information.  The First Time Site Visitors segment provides links to information about the agency, how to use the site, and how to contact the USITC for assistance.

The section uses a ribbon presentation – users can toggle between audience segments by using navigation arrows on each side of the section.  And, in addition to the seven core audience segments, there are also quick links to frequently used USITC web research portals, such as EDIS, DataWeb and 337Info. 

Using the Site Navigation

The top-level navigation groups content into five topic areas:

  • About
  • Investigations
  • Commission Notices
  • Publications & Reports
  • Trade & Tariff

Content is grouped together by type (All investigations in one central place, all notices in one central place, all publications in one central place, etc.).  Hover-over text  explains the type of content you can expect to find on a given page.  As you mouse-over a sub-navigation link, explanatory text will appear to the right.

Included below are images that show how the hover-over explanatory text displays, and also what sub-links appear under each of the main five headings.  You can also view updated FAQs, a Glossary, and a new Help by Topic page.  These, along with an easy-to-find Contact Us link, appear in the top-right of each page.

Screenshot of the dropdown navigation of Hovering over links presents additional information to the right.

Screenshot of demonstration of navigation of  

Still Can't Find the Information You Need?  Here's how to get help!

The Contact Us form allows you to submit questions and feedback on a variety of topics, from tariff-related questions to technical questions about the web site. Please contact us if we can be of assistance in helping you find the information you need!