The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) can be found in Title 5 of the United States Code, Section 552. It is a Federal statute that provides that any person has a right to request access to records in the possession of a Federal agency, unless that record is protected from disclosure by any of the FOIA's exemptions. The FOIA was enacted to strengthen our democratic form of government by allowing ready access to government records by anyone who asks, for any purpose. This is one way of ensuring that the government operates openly and thus remains accountable to the governed. In 1996, the Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments (E-FOIA) was signed into law. E-FOIA will make it possible for you to have electronic access to important agency information.

The USITC web site provides information to the public without requiring the need to file a FOIA request. We provide electronic archives to various reports, publications, speeches, testimony, Federal Register Notices, fact sheets, press releases, and handbooks for USITC procedures.

Content not available on the web site is available at our offices in Washington, DC. Please refer to the FOIA Request page for instructions on how to obtain this information.

Records Available Without Having to File a FOIA Request