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This is the homepage for the data and computer code related to gravity modeling of international trade. This data and code are designed to work together as the Gravity Modeling Environment (GME). To learn more about the gravity portal, read this description.

The Gravity Portal is maintained by the Gravity Modeling Group. To learn more about the group, visit our experts page and research page.


NEW Domestic and International Common Language Database (DICL) -  Bilateral measures of both international and domestic language similarity for 242 countries.)

NEW International Trade and Production Database for Estimation (ITPD-E) - Contains international and domestic trade for 243 countries in 2000-2016. It includes data for 170 industries in agriculture, mining, energy, manufacturing, and services. 

Dynamic Gravity Dataset (DGD) - Describes country characteristics and relationships between trading partners. It covers the period between 1948 and 2019.

Gravity Modeling Environment (GME) - Python package to perform Poisson Pseudo-Maximum Likelihood (PPML) estimation.


March 2021 -  Domestic and International Common Language Database (DICL) is posted.

March 2021 – Update of Dynamic Gravity Dataset (version 2) is available. The update adds data up to 2019, includes the combined European Union (EUN) as an entity, and improves usability and accuracy.

Coming in 2021: Software to estimate gravity with high-dimensional fixed effects.

Coming in 2021: Update to the Gravity Modeling Environment software.

May 2020: The International Trade and Production Database for Estimation (ITPD-E) is posted. You can get the data by using the links on the left.

January 2020 - present: USITC welcomes Nuno Limão (Professor of Economics, University of Maryland) as a visiting scholar.

August 2019 - present: USITC welcomes Yoto V. Yotov (Professor of Economics, Drexel University) as a visiting scholar.

November 2018: "Gravity in Diagrams" by James Anderson is posted. Click here to view.

October 2018: Computer code to estimate the structural gravity model with PPML in Python is posted. Click here for more information.

July-October 2018: USITC welcomes James E. Anderson (William B. Neenan S.J. Millennium Professor of Economics at Boston College) as a visiting scholar.

April 2018: The Dynamic Gravity dataset is posted. You can get the data by using the links on the left.

January 2018: The Gravity Portal is open. This page can be reached at

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