Working papers by the researchers in the Gravity Modeling Group

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Updated Estimates of the Trade Elasticity of Substitution
Saad Ahmad and David Riker
USITC Economics Working Paper Series No. 2020–05-A, May 2020

Modeling Complex Network Patterns in International Trade (June 2019 update)
Peter Herman
USITC Economics Working Paper Series No. 2017-04-A

The Short-run Effects of Product Differentiation on Trade
Peter Herman and Ryan Lee
USITC Economics Working Paper No. 2019-11-A, November 2019

U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement: Likely Impact on the U.S. Economy and on Specific Industry Sectors
USITC Publication No. 4889, April 2019

Competitive Conditions Affecting U.S. Exports of Medical Technology to Key Emerging Markets[HTML]
Peter Herman, Jeff Horowitz, Mihir Torsekar
USITC Working Paper No. 2018-08-A, August 2018

U.S. trade and investment with sub-Saharan Africa: Recent developments
USITC Publication No. 4780, May 2018

The Dynamic Gravity Dataset: 1948-2016[HTML]
Tamara Gurevich and Peter Herman, Office of Economics, USITC
USITC Working Paper No. 2018-02-A, February 2018

Trade liberalization with heterogeneous workers: A structural approach
Scott Baier, Serge Shikher, Yoto V. Yotov
USITC Working Paper No. 2017-03-A, March 2017