Multinational Revenue, Employment, and Investment Database (MREID)

MREID provides consistent information on international and domestic revenue, employment, and investment of multinational enterprises (MNEs) for a large number of countries and industries. The industries cover agriculture, mining, energy, manufacturing, and services sectors, enabling a nearly complete description of each country’s foreign direct investment (FDI) activity. MREID offers bilateral sector-level data on numerous MNE variables for the purposes of statistical analysis.

Release 1 (November 2023) provides the following coverage

  • 2010-2021
  • 185 countries
  • 25 industries

Download the MREID Release 1

Data are in the comma-separated (csv) format. The first line of the file contains variable names. The file is uncompressed and has a size of about 42MB.

Click here to download the MREID Release 1

View the list of variables

Technical documentation for Release 1

Recommended citation for MREID Release 1

Ahmad, S., Bergstrand, J., Paniagua, J. and Wickramarachi, H. (2023), “The Multinational Revenue, Employment, and Investment Database (MREID),” USITC Economics Working Paper 2023–11-B.

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