Editions of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated (HTSA) are available from 1989 (the first year of publication) - present.

Note that due to changes in software and formats, many of the early files do not contain all the graphics and header information as was originally printed. They do, however, contain the necessary information to look up duty rates that were in effect at the time. Please also note that 2022 HTSA Revision 12 reflects a few technical, or formatting, issues. While they do not impact the accuracy of the information presented, you may wish to, instead, refer to earlier or later in time revisions.

Select editions are available below in HTML format. Some editions are also available as CSV, XLS, or JSON file downloads.

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2006 HTSA Revision 1 Edition: HTML
2006 HTSA Basic Edition: HTML
2005 HTSA Supplement 1 Edition: HTML
2005 HTSA Basic Edition: HTML
2004 HTSA Supplement 1 Edition: HTML
2004 HTSA Basic Edition: HTML
2003 HTSA Supplement 1: HTML
2003 HTSA Basic Edition: HTML
2002 HTSA Basic Pub.: HTML
2001 HTSA Basic Pub.: HTML
2001 HTSA Supplement 1: HTML
2000 HTSA Basic Pub.: HTML
2000 HTSA Supplement 1​: HTML
1999 HTSA Basic Pub.: HTML
1999 HTSA Supplement 1: HTML
1998 HTSA Basic Pub.: HTML
1998 HTSA Supplement 1: HTML
1997 HTSA Basic Pub.: HTML
1997 HTSA Supplement 1: HTML
1996 HTSA Basic Pub.: HTML
1995 HTSA Basic Pub.: HTML
1995 HTSA Supplement: HTML
1994 HTSA Basic Pub.: HTML
1994 HTSA Supplement 1: HTML
1993 HTSA Basic Pub.: HTML