Key new features of Release 2 

  • Data for more recent years. Data for all sectors are extended to 2019.
  • Data for earlier years. Data go back to 1986 for Agriculture, 1988 for Mining and Energy, 1988 for Manufacturing.
  • New industries. There are two new industries in Agriculture: Forestry and Fishing. At the same time, there two fewer industries in Manufacturing, so the total number of industries (170) has not changed.
  • Improved country coverage. Significantly more observations for some countries, for example, the United States.
  • Improved country coding. Country codes are fully synchronized with USITC's Dynamic Gravity Dataset (DGD) version 2.1. Consistent with DGD, countries are denoted by dynamic country codes in addition to ISO3 country codes.
  • New countries. Data covers 265 countries if the dynamic country codes are counted or 256 countries if the ISO3 codes are counted, compared to 243 countries in Release 1. Most of the new countries in Release 2 were introduced due to the longer time coverage, because these countries no longer existed after year 2000.
  • More observations. The overall number of observations in Release 2 is 72,534,869, which is 88% more compared to Release 1.