This page has additional downloads for ITPD-E Release 2

A smaller ITPD-E R02 data file

Since the ITPD-E R02 data file is large, we have created an alternative version of the ITPD-E R02 that does not include country or industry names to reduce file size. This file is about 2.5GB uncompressed compared to 7GB for the ITPD-E R02 data file that includes all names. 

Click here to download the ITPD-E R02 without country or industry names

Download ITPD-E R02 for individual industries

Each file is small enough to be opened in Microsoft Excel

1 Wheat
2 Rice (raw)
3 Corn
4 Other cereals
5 Cereal products
6 Soybeans
7 Other oilseeds (excluding peanuts)
8 Animal feed ingredients and pet foods
9 Raw and refined sugar and sugar crops
10 Other sweeteners
11 Pulses and legumes, dried, preserved
12 Fresh fruit
13 Fresh vegetables
14 Prepared fruits and fruit juices
15 Prepared vegetables
16 Nuts
17 Live Cattle
18 Live Swine
19 Eggs
20 Other meats, livestock products, and live animals
21 Cocoa and cocoa products
22 Beverages, nec
23 Cotton
24 Tobacco leaves and cigarettes
25 Spices
26 Other agricultural products, nec
27 Forestry
28 Fishing
29 Mining of hard coal
30 Mining of lignite
31 Extraction crude petroleum and natural gas
32 Mining of iron ores
33 Other mining and quarring
34 Electricity production, collection, and distribution
35 Gas production and distribution
36 Processing/preserving of meat
37 Processing/preserving of fish
38 Processing/preserving of fruit & vegetables
39 Vegetable and animal oils and fats
40 Dairy products
41 Grain mill products
42 Starches and starch products
43 Prepared animal feeds
44 Bakery products
45 Sugar
46 Cocoa chocolate and sugar confectionery
47 Macaroni noodles & similar products
48 Other food products n.e.c.
49 Distilling rectifying & blending of spirits
50 Wines
51 Malt liquors and malt
52 Soft drinks; mineral waters
53 Tobacco products
54 Textile fibre preparation; textile weaving
55 Made-up textile articles except apparel
56 Carpets and rugs
57 Cordage rope twine and netting
58 Other textiles n.e.c.
59 Knitted and crocheted fabrics and articles
60 Wearing apparel except fur apparel
61 Dressing & dyeing of fur; processing of fur
62 Tanning and dressing of leather
63 Luggage handbags etc.; saddlery & harness
64 Footwear
65 Sawmilling and planing of wood
66 Veneer sheets plywood particle board etc.
67 Builders' carpentry and joinery
68 Wooden containers
69 Other wood products; articles of cork/straw
70 Pulp paper and paperboard
71 Corrugated paper and paperboard
72 Other articles of paper and paperboard
73 Publishing of books and other publications
74 Publishing of newspapers journals etc.
75 Publishing of recorded media
76 Other publishing
77 Printing
78 Service activities related to printing
79 Coke oven products
80 Refined petroleum products
81 Processing of nuclear fuel
82 Basic chemicals except fertilizers
83 Fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
84 Plastics in primary forms; synthetic rubber
85 Pesticides and other agro-chemical products
86 Paints varnishes printing ink and mastics
87 Pharmaceuticals medicinal chemicals etc.
88 Soap cleaning & cosmetic preparations
89 Other chemical products n.e.c.
90 Man-made fibres
91 Rubber tyres and tubes
92 Other rubber products
93 Plastic products
94 Glass and glass products
95 Pottery china and earthenware
96 Refractory ceramic products
97 Struct.non-refractory clay; ceramic products
98 Cement lime and plaster
99 Articles of concrete cement and plaster
100 Cutting shaping & finishing of stone
101 Other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.
102 Basic iron and steel
103 Basic precious and non-ferrous metals
104 Structural metal products
105 Tanks reservoirs and containers of metal
106 Steam generators
107 Cutlery hand tools and general hardware
108 Other fabricated metal products n.e.c.
109 Engines & turbines (not for transport equipment)
110 Pumps compressors taps and valves
111 Bearings gears gearing & driving elements
112 Ovens furnaces and furnace burners
113 Lifting and handling equipment
114 Other general purpose machinery
115 Agricultural and forestry machinery
116 Machine tools
117 Machinery for metallurgy
118 Machinery for mining & construction
119 Food/beverage/tobacco processing machinery
120 Machinery for textile apparel and leather
121 Weapons and ammunition
122 Other special purpose machinery
123 Domestic appliances n.e.c.
124 Office accounting and computing machinery
125 Electric motors generators and transformers
126 Electricity distribution & control apparatus
127 Insulated wire and cable
128 Accumulators primary cells and batteries
129 Lighting equipment and electric lamps
130 Other electrical equipment n.e.c.
131 Electronic valves tubes etc.
132 TV/radio transmitters; line comm. apparatus
133 TV and radio receivers and associated goods
134 Medical surgical and orthopaedic equipment
135 Measuring/testing/navigating appliances etc.
136 Optical instruments & photographic equipment
137 Watches and clocks
138 Motor vehicles
139 Automobile bodies trailers & semi-trailers
140 Parts/accessories for automobiles
141 Building and repairing of ships
142 Building/repairing of pleasure/sport. boats
143 Railway/tramway locomotives & rolling stock
144 Aircraft and spacecraft
145 Motorcycles
146 Bicycles and invalid carriages
147 Other transport equipment n.e.c.
148 Furniture
149 Jewellery and related articles
150 Musical instruments
151 Sports goods
152 Games and toys
153 Other manufacturing n.e.c.
154 Manufacturing services on physical inputs
155 Maintenance and repair services n.i.e.
156 Transport
157 Travel
158 Construction
159 Insurance and pension services
160 Financial services
161 Charges for use of intellectual property
162 Telecom, computer, information services
163 Other business services
164 Heritage and recreational services
165 Health services
166 Education services
167 Government goods and services n.i.e.
168 Services not allocated
169 Trade-related services
170 Other personal services

Industry concordances for ITPD-E R02

Download concordances (crosswalks) between ITPD-E R02 industries and other classifications (FCL, ISIC). These crosswalks are shown in the technical documentation accompanying ITPD-E, but we are including them here in a machine-readable format for user convenience.

ITPD-E R02 Agriculture (industries 1-26) and FCL items
ITPD-E R02 Forestry (27) and Fishing (28) and ISIC
ITPD-E R02 Mining and Energy (29-35) and ISIC
ITPD-E R02 Manufacturing (26-123) and ISIC