Office of Economics
Archived Economics Analysis Seminar Series
From 2009 - 2016

Foreign Acquisitions and National Security: What are Genuine Threats? What are Implausible Worries? A Framework for OECD Countries, and Beyond Theodore Moran Georgetown University and Peterson Institute for International Economics

How Much of South Koreas Growth Miracle Can be Explained by Trade Policy? Kei-Mu Yi Federal Reserve Bank of Philadephia

Trade as Engine of Creative Destruction: The Mexican experience with Chinese competition Leonardo Iacovone World Bank

The Quality-Complementarity Hypothesis: Theory and Evidence from Colombia Maurice Kugler CID, Harvard University and Wilfred Laurier University

Implications of Limiting CO2 Concentrations for Land Use and Energy Ronald Sands U.S. Department of Agriculture

What Triggers an Antidumping Investigation? Finding the Devil in the Details Russell Hillberry University of Melbourne

The Implications of New Trade Potentials to Agriculture and Poverty Reduction in Low Income Countries John Mellor John Mellor Associates, Inc.

Land Transport for Exports: The Effects of Cost, Time, and Uncertainty in Sub-Saharan Africa Nannette Christ, Michael Ferrantino United States International Trade Commission

Imported Intermediate Inputs and Domestic Product Growth: Evidence from India Amit Khandelwal Columbia University

Compensating for Climate Change: An Analysis of Weather-Related Deaths David Wheeler Center for Global Development

Climate Treaties and International Trade: Problems and Prospects Scott Barrett SAIS, John Hopkins University

Zeros, Quality and Space: Trade Theory and Trade Evidence James Harrigan United States International Trade Commission

Accounting for Intermediates: Intermediate Inputs and Bilateral Trade in Value Added Robert Johnson IES Fellow, Princeton University

The Value of Trade to the U.S. Economy: An Assessment of the Economic Consequences of Border Closure James Giesecke Monash University

Clothing and Export Diversification: Still a Route to Growth for Low Income Countries? Paul Brenton World Bank