Office of Economics
Archived Economics Analysis Seminar Series
From 2009 - 2016

Customs as Doorkeepers: What Are Their Effects on International Trade? Christian Volpe The Inter-American Development Bank

New Trends in Value Chain Upgrading: Lessons from Large and Small Countries Gary Gereffi Duke University

Liberalization of FDI in Retail Services: A Fast Death Instrument for India? Tani Fukui and Csilla Lakatos USITC and Purdue University

Going Soft: How the Rise of Software-Based Innovation led to the Decline of Japan's IT Industry and the Resurgence of Silicon Valley Lee Branstetter Carnegie Mellon and NBER

Estimating the Size of Rural Labour Surplus in China - A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis Yinhua Mai Monash University

Streamlining Non-Tariff Measures, A Toolkit for Policy Makers Mariem Malouche World Bank

A Comparison of National vs. Multinational Firms’ Performance Using a General Equilibrium Perspective María C. Latorre Universidad Complutense de Madrid

How Does Trade Evolve in the Aftermath of Financial Crises? Petia Topalova International Monetary Fund

International Trade and CGE Models: Theory, Practice, Problems, Improvements Sherman Robinson IFPRI

Offshoring and the Polarization of the U.S. Labor Market Lindsay Oldenski Georgetown University

Regulatory Reform and Australia's Experience: A Seamless National Economy Christine McDaniel Australian Productivity Commission

Trade and Volatility at the Firm and Plant Level Christopher J. Kurz Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Exports-at-Risk: The Effect of Multi-Market Contact in International Trade Robert Feinberg American University

International Leisure Travelers to the United States: Why do Visitors Who Need a Visa Stay Longer? Maksim Belenkiy U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Why Firms Fragment Production Across Locations Teresa Fort University of Maryland

Exchange Rates and the Extensive Margin of Exports Daria Taglioni World Bank, International Trade Department

Regionalizing Infrastructure Reform in Developing Countries Ioannis N. Kessides and Nancy C. Benjamin World Bank

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Asia-Pacific Integration: A Quantitative Assessment Peter Petri Brandeis University and East-West Center

Optimal Food Price Stabilisation in a Small Open Developing Country Christophe Gouel World Bank and CEPII

Trade Liberalization and Labor Market Dynamics Rafael Dix-Carneiro University of Maryland

Findings from Firm-Level Data Addressing the Harmonization of China's Patent System Gary Jefferson Brandeis University

Costs of Starting to Trade and Costs of Continuing to Trade Tim A. Graciano U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service

Supercycle Subdued? Challenges to Two-Speed Recovery Kati Suominen Resident Fellow in Economics at the German Marshall Fund of the United States and American Assembly's Next Generation Fellow

SPS Regulations on Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Imports and Exports Everett Peterson Virginia Tech University

Ethnic Networks and Price Dispersion Michael Anderson, Stephen Smith, Martin Davies Washington and Lee University, Gordon College , Washington and Lee University

Developing Professional Services in Africa: How Regional Integration Can Help Nora Dihel World Bank

Emission Taxes and Border Adjustments of Oligopolistic Industries Morihiro Yomogida Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan

The Effect of CO2 Emissions Reduction on the U.S. Electricity Sector Stefan Osborne International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce

Potential Implications of a Special Safeguard Mechanism in the World Trade Organizaion: the Case of Wheat Amanda M. Leister Market and Trade Economics Division, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service

Brazil's Trade Policy: Old and New Issues Mauricio Mesquita Moreira Inter-American Development Bank

Domestic Regulation and U.S. Exports David Riker International Trade Administration

Does Exporting Increase Productivity? Evidence from India Megha Mukim London School of Economics; Visiting Scholar, Columbia University and SAIS

Mycotoxins Regulations and International Trade Flows Of Agricultural Products: Are the Effects As Large As Perceived Devesh Roy International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Does the WTO Help Member States Clean Up Susan Aaronson The George Washington University

Integration in the Absence of Institutions: China-North Korea Cross-Border Exchange Marcus Noland Peterson Institute for International Economics

Innovation through Protection: Does Safeguard Protection Increase Investment in Research and Development Benjamin H. Liebman, Kara M. Reynolds St. Joseph's University , American Univerity

Estimating Foreign Value-Added in Mexico's Manufacturing Exports Justino De La Cruz U.S. International Trade Commission

The U.S. Recession:Can Trade Policy Help? Peter B. Dixon Center of Policy Studies, Monash University

Accounting for Underutilization of Trade Preference Programs: Generalized System of Preferences Shushanik Hakobyan University of Virginia

Pitfalls in Assessing Exchange Rate Undervaluations Shang-Jin Wei Columbia University

Surviving the Global Financial Crisis: Foreign Direct Investment and Establishment Performance Maggie Chen George Washington University

Product Standards Harmonization and Firm Heterogeneity in International Trade Daniel Reyes Georgetown University

Estimating Trade Elasticities from District-Level U.S. Import Data David Riker U.S. Department of Commerce - International Trade Administration

Domestic Coalitions and the Push for Policy Change in Bangladesh's Garments and Textiles Industry Sanchita Saxena University of California-Berkeley and Woodrow Wilson Center

Knowledge Capital, Product Differentiation and Market Structure: a Comparative Static CGE Analysis Csilla Lakatos Purdue University

Trade Policy and the Crisis Chad Bown World Bank

India Transformed? Insights from the Firm Level 1988-2005 Anusha Chari University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Big Constraints to Small Firms Growth Mary Hallward-Driemeier World Bank

Optimizing the Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction Benefits of CAFTA-DR: Trade-Led Agricultural Diversification David Bathrick Rural Growth Strategist and Retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer

Protection for Free: The Political Economy of U. S. Tariff Suspensions Rodney Ludema Georgetown University