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Office of Economics
Room: Conference Room - 615P

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Papers and/or presentation materials will be provided as they become available. These papers/presentations are the work of the individual authors and do not represent the views of the Commission or any individual Commissioner.

Profit Shifting and FDI Restrictions

Trade liberalization and inequality: a dynamic model with firm and worker heterogeneity

Is More Always Better? Evidence of Preference Heterogeneity in Fertility Responses to the 1994 EITC Expansion

Comparing the effects of financial regulation in Australia and the U.S. via simulation with country-specific financial CGE models

Tariff Evasion in Global Trade Data

The China Shock Impact on Brazil’s Manufacturing Labor Market

The Impact of Durable Goods on Child Outcomes in China

Environmental Engel Curves

Achieving Sustainable Irrigation Water Withdrawals: Global Impacts on Food Production and Land Use

Spotting and using export opportunities – ITCs methodologies to assess trade potential and trade impediments

Peer Influence and Pro-social Motivations in Technology Adoption: Evidence from bKash

Using Networks to Identify Multilateral Dependencies in International Trade: An Exponential Random Graph Approach

The Impact of Trade Agreements: New Approach, New Insights

Inflation and Globalization: A Threshold Investigation

Whence the Beef?: The Effect of Repealing Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) using a Vertically Integrated Armington Model with Monte Carlo Simulation

Firm Heterogeneity in International Trade Policy Analysis: GTAP Implementation

All Shook Up: International Trade and Firm-level Volatility

An innovative CGE assessment of the impact of the TTIP including multinationals and Foreign Direct Investment

Comparative Advantage in Innovation and Production,

A Passage to India: Quantifying Internal and External Barriers to Trade

The Local Impact of Containerization

Household Deleveraging and the U.S. Current Account

Exchange Rate Pass-through in Global Value Chains: The Effects of Upstream Suppliers Presentation Material