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Office of Economics
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Papers and/or presentation materials will be provided as they become available. These papers/presentations are the work of the individual authors and do not represent the views of the Commission or any individual Commissioner.

Trends in Foreign Direct Investment
Maia Linask
University of Richmond

The Balance of Concessions in Trade Agreements
Mostafa Beshkar
Indiana University

The Pro-Competitive Consequences of Trade in Frictional Labor Markets
Hamid Firooz
University of Rochester

Much Ado about Nothing? The Extraterritorial Effects of the U.S. Embargo Against Cuba
Ohyun Kwon
Drexel University

Short-Run Trade Effects and Local COVID-19 Incidence: Evidence from Colombia Imports
Ben Hamilton
James Madison University

FDI Inflows and Domestic Firms: Adjustments to New Export Opportunities
Woan Foong Wong
University of Oregon

Trade Policy Meets Digital Technologies: How Digitalization of Trade Procedures Affects Firms' Exports
Christian Volpe
Inter-American Development Bank

Currency Areas, Labor Markets, and Regional Cyclical Sensitivity
Kadee Russ
University of California - Davis

Who's Most Exposed to International Shocks?
Ryan Monarch
Syracuse University

Cracks in the Glass Ceiling and Gender Equality: An examination using Administrative Data
Lourenço Paz
Baylor University

Rising Import Tariffs, Falling Exports: When Modern Supply Chains Meet Old-Style Protectionism
Kyle Handley
University of California - San Diego

Labor Market Rigidity at Home and MNCs’ Flexible Task Reallocation Abroad
Sunghoon Chung
World Bank

Imports, Exports, and Earnings Inequality: Measures of Exposure and Estimates of Incidence
Dave Donaldson

Expand U.S. Apparel Sourcing from CAFTA-DR Members: Opportunities and Challenges
Sheng Lu
University of Delaware

Globalization, Gender, and the Family
Hâle Utar
Grinnell College

Earnings Growth, Job Flows and Churn
David Wiczer
Stony Brook University

Social Compliance as Development Strategy: Evidence from a Better Factories Cambodia Field Experiment
Drusilla Brown
Tufts University

Does Digital Trade Change the Purpose of a Trade Agreement?
Robert Staiger
Dartmouth College

On Distributional Effects of International Tariffs
Daniel Carroll
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Trade Agreements and Apparel Trade: High-Dimensional Gravity Estimates
Raymond Robertson
Texas A&M University

Offshore Profit Shifting and Aggregate Measurement: Balance of Payments, Foreign Investment, Productivity, and the Labor Share
Kim Ruhl
University of Wisconsin-Madison

The U.S. Multinational Advantage During the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis: The Role of Services Trade
Fariha Kamal
U.S. Census Bureau

Local Labor Market Effects of the 2002 Bush Steel Tariffs
James Lake
Southern Methodist University

Subsidies and Market Access: Towards an Inventory of Subsidies by China, the EU, and the USA
Simon Evenett
University of St. Gallen

The Gravity of Homicide: Interpersonal Violence and International Trade
Michael Anderson
Washington and Lee University

Are Tariffs Biased? The Effects of the 2018 U.S. Tariffs on Gender Wage Gap
Neil Bennett
U.S. Census Bureau

Can Information Shift Preferences towards Trade Policy? Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments
Laura Alfaro
Harvard Business School

Disentangling the Effects of the 2018-2019 Tariffs on a Globally Connected U.S. Manufacturing Sector
Justin Pierce
Federal Reserve Board of Governors

International Trade and Domestic Price Stability in the Presence of Large Scale Climate Shocks
Nelson Villoria
Kansas State University

Trade, Jobs, and Worker Welfare
Erhan Artuc
World Bank

The Economic Impact of Tariff Eliminations in a U.S.-UK Free Trade Agreement: A CGE Model with Worker Displacement
Badri Gopalakrishnan
Infinite Sum Modelling

How Should We Think about the Winners and Losers from Globalization?
Nicolas Lamp
Queen's University

Are Trade Preferences a Panacea? The Export Impact of the American Growth and Opportunity
Ana Margarida Fernandes
World Bank

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms and Implications for Agriculture
Will Martin

How Trade and Investment Agreements Affect Bilateral Foreign Direct Investment: Results from a Structural Gravity Model
Hugo Rojas-Romagosa
World Bank

Barriers to Global Capital Allocation
Bruno Pellegrino
University of Maryland

Foreign Direct Investment, Roads, and Markups: the case of Ethiopia
Jose Astruias
U.S. Census Bureau;
Marco Sanfilippo
University of Turin and Collegio Carlo Alberto

The Disparate Treatment of Rights in U.S. Trade
Desiree LeClercq
Cornell University

Deep Integration in Trade Agreements: Labor Clauses, Tariffs, and Trade Flows
Raymond Robertson
Texas A&M University

Robots and Employment: Evidence from Japan, 1978-2017
Daisuke Adachi
Yale University

In Gravity no Veritas: Dubious Trade Elasticity and Weak Effects of Regional Trade Agreements in Africa
Geoffroy Guepie
African Trade Policy Center, UN Economic Commission for Africa

International trade in agricultural products at the U.S. state level
Edward J. Balistreri
University of Nebraska-Lincoln;
Stephen S. Zahniser

The Environmental Bias of Trade Policy

Mind the gaps: Job and gender effects of migration on FDI

Modelling the Gender and Labour Market Impact of Trade Agreements

Go ahead and trade: The effect of uncertainty removal in the EU’s GSP scheme

An assessment of import tariff costs for Italian exporting firms

Two Blades of Grass: The Impact of the Green Revolution

Trade Protection Along Supply Chains

What Explains Excess Trade Persistence? A Theory of Habits in the Supply Chains