The Journal of International Commerce and Economics (JICE) is an in-house publication of the U.S. International Trade Commission. Although JICE is unable to accept articles written by individuals not employed by the Commission, articles co-authored with Commission staff are welcome.

The submission process for JICE is as follows:

Step 1: Red Flag/Quality Control Review. When the article is ready, please submit the article to The Board will determine whether the article should move forward and may provide some comments and edits. Please use the article template and guidelines.

Steps 2 and 3: Internal and External Review. A Commission staff member will review the content of the journal article (blind review). After these comments are addressed, the article is reviewed by a subject-matter expert from outside the Commission (blind review).

Steps 4 and 5: Commission Review. Various offices within the Commission will review the article, including the Office of Operations, editors, and Commissioners.

Step 6: Publication. The JICE Board’s production manager will handle final editorial review and the process of posting the article to the JICE website.