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Submission Process

The Journal of International Commerce and Economics (JICE) is an in-house publication of the U.S. International Trade Commission. Although JICE is unable to accept articles written by individuals not employed by the Commission, articles co-authored with Commission staff are welcome.

Below is a flow chart and an explanation of the submission process:

Optional Preliminary Step: Proposal Submission. When you have an idea for a journal article, you may approach any member of the JICE Board or email the Board at to let them know of your interest. In order to develop your idea for a journal article, you may also use a proposal template [DOCX] and submit to the Board. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for a list of acceptable submissions.

Step 1: Initial Red Flag Review. When the article ready, please submit the article to The submission is then passed to the JICE Editorial Board for initial review. Before submitting your article, please ensure the following:

  • Proper Formatting: Please use the article template [DOTX] and consult the article guidelines [PDF] for formatting guidelines.
  • Submission Form: Please indicate in your submission email the title of the article. Also indicate if your Division Chief has reviewed or will be concurrently reviewing the submitted article, and whether it has previously been published or submitted to any other publication.
  • NOTE: Some divisions may require Division Chief review of articles submitted to JICE. Please check with your Division Chief prior to submitting your article to the Board.

Step 2: Editorial Review. Your article will be assigned an editor from the JICE Editorial Board by the Managing Editor. The JICE editor and a blind reviewer will review the content of the journal article. After these concurrent reviews, the assigned JICE editor will transmit comments of both reviews to you, and will coordinate with you on revising the article.

Steps 3 and 4: Operations and Commission Review. Once review comments are addressed, the article is submitted to the Office of Operations (OPS) as well as the Commission’s editors for review. After comments from OPS review have been addressed, the JICE Editor-in-Chief sends the article to Commissioners’ offices for negative clearance.

Step 5: Publication. After all review comments are addressed of the journal article, the JICE editor will coordinate with the author and the JICE production manager on the publication process. The Board’s production manager will handle final editorial review and the process of posting the article to the JICE website.