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Journal of International Commerce and Economics (JICE)

Who can submit articles to JICE for review?
All JICE submissions must be authored or co-authored by a USITC employee. Although external authors may co-author articles with a JICE employee, submissions that are solely the work of persons outside USITC are not accepted.
What kinds of articles get published in JICE?

JICE accepts submissions of original staff research on a wide variety of topics related to trade. However, JICE is intended for a non-technical, but sophisticated audience, so articles should strive to explain concepts in layman’s terms, including defining any industry jargon and explaining research methodologies in simplified terms. Submissions should be original research (i.e., not included in a previous USITC publication or other external publication).

In accordance with these guidelines, here are some examples of submissions that WOULD be acceptable:

  • articles on topics developed for statutory work, but not included in official USITC publications
  • posted working papers not intended for future submission to external journals
  • articles developed around a topic covered in an Executive Briefing on Trade
  • other independent, non-statutory staff research

Conversely, these are examples of submissions that WOULD NOT be acceptable for JICE:

  • extended text included as part of a USITC statutory report
  • research articles that have already been published by, are under review by, or are intended to be submitted to an external journal
How do I submit an article for JICE?

Submit a Word document version of your article directly to, along with any original files for tables and figures. It will be briefly reviewed once by the entire Board, and then an individual article editor is assigned for a detailed review. A blind reviewer (who may be outside USITC) also reviews the work.

Are there any citation guidelines I should follow?

Please use either the most recent Chicago-style citation format or Commission standard citation formats.

What are the other requirements for submissions?

Because JICE accepts articles on various topics and of many different types, there are few hard and fast rules for submissions, but authors are encouraged to follow these guidelines:

  • Length: There are no limits on minimum or maximum article length, but authors should be mindful that their articles will eventually be compiled into a volume including other articles. For reference, the average length of past submissions has been around 20 pages, ranging from 7 to 48 pages.
  • Modeling and/or econometric estimation: JICE welcomes submissions that include modeling and estimation, but authors should be mindful that the journal is intended for a non-technical audience, such that submissions should focus on the implications of modeling results and not the modeling in itself. While equations can be included in the text of submissions, any extensive technical work or explanations should be presented in a technical appendix, and where possible, citations to existing working papers with developed methodological details.
What is JICE?
The Journal of International Commerce and Economics (also known as JICE) is the peer-reviewed, internal staff journal for employees of the U.S. International Trade Commission.
Are there any formatting guidelines I should follow in writing my article?

All JICE publications are 508-compliant. The JICE template includes 508-compliant formatting. All articles submitted must be formatted according to the template. Please use only a SINGLE space between sentences. For any text boxes, please do not insert a Word function text box, write the content you would like we will format it appropriately during review.