The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) is an independent, quasi-judicial Federal agency established by Congress with a wide range of trade-related mandates.

The Commission is headed by six commissioners who are supported by a permanent staff of approximately 360 career Federal employees. Under its fact finding authority, the USITC exercises broad investigative powers on matters related to trade. The USITC is also called upon by the Legislative and Executive branches of government to provide information on trade and competitiveness issues to government organizations and public organizations.

In its adjudicative role, the USITC makes determinations with respect to certain unfair trade practices, including illegal practices in merchandise trade and violations of intellectual property rights.

Since USITC’s work regularly involves classified and proprietary information, USITC employees must be U.S. citizens.

The USITC Mission

The mission of the USITC is to:

  1. Administer U.S. trade remedy laws within its mandate in a fair and objective manner
  2. Provide the President, the United States Trade Representative, and Congress with independent, quality analysis, information, and support on matters of tariffs, international trade, and competitiveness.
  3. Maintain the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States.

In doing so, the Commission serves the public by implementing U.S. law and contributing to the implementation of sound and informed U.S. trade policy.

Organization Structure

Operating offices include: the Office of Economics, the Office of Investigations, the Office of Industries, the Office of Tariff Affairs and Trade Agreements, and the Office of Unfair Import Investigations. These offices are all  part of the Office of Operations which is one major entity within USITC. There are eight other major offices in the USITC that support our mission, such as the Office of the Director of Administration, and the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

For additional information regarding the function of each office, click the USITC Organization Chart.

Working Through Inter-Disciplinary Teams

Most of the Commission’s work is accomplished through multidisciplinary teams, which draw together personnel assigned to several different operating offices.