Updated – 6/26/2024

On June 26,2024, the USITC’s Electronic Document Information System, known as EDIS, transitioned to using a new, more secure form of authentication when users login to the application to file and search for documents related to investigations conducted by the USITC. This webpage provides information on how adapt to that transition.

We recommend that you read through the following information to learn about how to authenticate to EDIS via the Login.gov service:

EDIS Transition to Login.gov – How to be ready! (6/14/2024)

If you use the EDIS Data Web Service, we recommend reading the guide below to learn about how to authenticate:

EDIS Data Web Service Guide [PDF] Pages(12) (6/14/2024)

The General Services Administration also provides this brochure on how to set up your Login.gov account and select your authentication methods:

Setting Up a Login.gov Account and Authentication Methods [PDF] Pages(9)

For additional information on using Login.gov, see the links below for assistance (New – 6/26/2024) :

Stay tuned to this web page for further guidance, updates and details regarding this transition. We suggest you bookmark this page to check out the latest info.

Below are common questions you may be having and answers to them.

The Login.gov service is provided and maintained by the U.S. Federal government’s General Services Administration. Its purpose is to provide a common method of securely authenticating to Federal web applications and services by using multi-factor authentication.

The Login.gov service is being integrated with EDIS because it provides multi-factor authentication, a requirement mandated in Executive Order (EO) 14028 “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.” As a Federal agency, the USITC is required to follow the directives in EO 14028 which are based on the concept of Zero Trust to ensure every user is securely authenticated for access.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method of authenticating by which you provide two forms of credentials obtained by using something you have (e.g., your mobile phone) and something you know (e.g., a pin # or password). Using MFA has become a standard way to securely access web applications like EDIS.

All users who are not USITC employees will be required to use the Login.gov service to authenticate when accessing EDIS, whether you are filing or searching for a document or related information.

For a temporary period until July 31, 2024, the use of username and password is being retained as a fallback for existing EDIS users who initially experience problems using the Login.gov service. EDIS cannot continue providing this method of authentication because it does not meet the required level of security provided by multi-factor authentication. We strongly encourage all users to begin using the Login.gov method as soon as possible before the fallback method of using username and password is no longer available.

This temporary mode of authentication can only be used for EDIS accounts created before 5:30 pm on June 26, 2024. Users who create new accounts after that date will only have the option of authenticating via Login.gov. It does not support changing the password or retrieving it if you have forgotten it.

One of the primary intentions of multi-factor authentication is to discourage or prevent sharing of credentials to access user accounts. This is a common method through which malicious users obtain credentials and access a service or application under the identify of someone else. To help EDIS users adjust to this situation, a new feature was recently added to EDIS which allows an EDIS user to select and delegate up to four colleagues who are registered EDIS-account holders who will be able to file documents on their behalf and be able to access all items in the delegating user’s Service Inbox. Visit our recent web article "New EDIS Feature: Assign Delegate Authority To Up To Four Colleagues!" to find out more.

Should you be unable to authenticate and access EDIS using the instructions provided to setup your Login.gov account and to connect it to your EDIS account, you can send an email to EDIS3Help@usitc.gov for assistance. Please describe in as much detail as possible the problem you are having along with any error messages that you are seeing.

All EDIS users with accounts created prior to June 26, 2024, retained all the settings and saved queries associated with their account.

Yes. Users will also have the option to unlink their Login.gov account from their EDIS account at any time. You can then re-associate a new Login.gov account to your existing EDIS account, or you can re-associate your existing Login.gov account to a new EDIS account. Use the “Unlink account” option in the dropdown under your user ID to initiate this change.