You asked, we listened! Based on user feedback, the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (USITC) Electronic Document Information System (EDIS) has been updated. Users can now assign delegated authority to up to four colleagues who are registered EDIS-account holders. Delegated users will be able to file on behalf of the primary user and will also be able to access all items in the primary user’s service inbox. 

To assign a delegate, the primary user will need to provide the individual’s exact EDIS username. The primary user is responsible for maintaining the list of delegates, including removing access for users who are no longer authorized. Also, the delegated authority is general and not specific to individual investigations. More information is available in the EDIS Delegate Guide addressing the assigned delegate process.

Please note that the delegated user authority does not yet include access to confidential materials served by the Commission. Lead counsel will continue to access confidential Commission issuances via 

Looking ahead. This new feature is being released in advance of the USITC’s integration of with EDIS to allow users time to assign their delegates as needed. Once is released, all users will be required to create and maintain a account which will be linked with their EDIS user account.

The new delegation functionality, combined with’s multi-factor authentication, is part of the USITC’s continuing efforts to enhance the user experience with EDIS and to comply with Executive Order 14028 on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity to improve system stability and security.

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