Intellectual Property Infringement and Other Unfair Acts in Import Trade

The USITC investigates certain alleged unfair practices in import trade. Most complaints under this provision involve allegations of patent infringement or trademark infringement.

Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Laws

The USITC determines whether U.S. industries are injured by imports that are sold in the United States at less than fair value ("dumped") or that benefit from countervailable subsidies provided through foreign government programs ("subsidized"). The Department of Commerce determines whether imports are subsidized or dumped, and the USITC determines whether a domestic industry is materially injured or threatened with material injury by reason of such imports.

Safeguard Laws

The USITC determines whether increased imports are a substantial cause of serious injury or threat of serious injury to a U.S. industry producing like or directly competitive products. Global safeguard investigations do not require the finding of an unfair trade practice. Relief provided under this law is temporary in order to provide an industry with time to adjust to import competition. The President determines whether to provide relief.

Market Disruption by Imports from Communist Countries

The USITC determines whether imports produced in a Communist country are causing market disruption in the United States.

Investigations Under the Agricultural Adjustment Act

The USITC determines whether goods imported from a non-WTO member country render ineffective or interfere with any program of the Department of Agriculture.

Investigations of United States-Mexico Cross-Border Long-Haul Trucking Services Under the USCMA Implementation Act

The USITC determines whether a grant of authority to persons of Mexico to conduct cross-border long-haul trucking services in the United States has caused material harm or threatens material harm to U.S. suppliers of such services, and if affirmative, recommends a remedy to the President. The President determines whether to provide relief.