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Exports, Imports and Trade Balance



Key Trends

  • The U.S. merchandise trade deficit with China increased for the fifth straight year, increasing by 16 percent to $235.4 billion, reflecting the continued U.S. demand for goods produced in China. China is the fourth largest export market for the United States and the second leading import source in terms of absolute value.
  • Continued economic growth in China, coupled with China's increasing role as a low-cost production location contributed to the expansion in U.S.-China trade in 2006.
  • U.S. exports to China rose at a greater rate than the preceding years, by $12.8 billion, or 33 percent. The most significant increases in U.S. exports were in electronic products ($3.2 billion), transportation equipment ($2.5 billion), and minerals and metals ($2.5 billion).
  • Increased demand for computer and telecommunications products by U.S. consumers contributed to continued growth in U.S. imports from China, increasing by $6.3 billion (16 percent) and $3.7 billion (26 percent), respectively. In 2006, the U.S. telecommunications market grew at the fastest rate since 2000, with demand for services such as broadband leading to increase demand for telecommunications and network equipment.

Trade Shifts in 2006 from 2005

  • U.S. trade deficit: Increased by $31.6 billion (16 percent) to $235.4 billion
  • U.S. exports: Increased by $12.8 billion (33 percent) to $51.6 billion
  • U.S. imports: Increased by $44.4 billion (18 percent) to $287.1 billion

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