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  • U.S. exports increased by 17.2 percent annually to $42.1 billion in 2014
  • U.S. imports increased by 8.0 percent annually to $14.3 billion in 2014

China is an important U.S. services trading partner. Total services trade between the United States and China increased during 2010–14; U.S. exports of services grew by $19.7 billion, while U.S. imports increased by $3.8 billion.  The United States reported a services trade surplus with China of $27.8 billion in 2014, up from $11.8 billion in 2010, driven by increasing surpluses in travel services and in royalties and license fees. Travel services accounted for the largest category of U.S. services exports to and imports from China, accounting for over half of U.S. services exports and a third of U.S. imports. For more information on U.S. trade in services, see chapter 1 of Recent Trends in U.S. Services Trade: 2016 Annual Report.