The USITC supports trade policymakers in the executive branch and in the Congress by providing technical expertise and objective information on international trade issues. The USITC offers technical advice through research, informal briefings and meetings, and testimony at congressional hearings. The agency also drafts Presidential proclamations and other Presidential documents, as well as final decisions by various executive branch agencies that modify the HTS to implement congressional legislation or trade policy decisions of the executive branch.

USITC staff also serve as technical advisors on the interagency Trade Policy Staff Committee and its many subcommittees, all of which are chaired by the USTR. On request, the Commission provides USITC staff for long-term detail assignments with the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and the Congress, which offers support and expertise to U.S. policymakers while developing the professional skills of USITC staff. Through its activities in this area, the USITC supports U.S. trade policy formulation and U.S. representation in international fora.