November 9, 2023
News Release 23-098
Inv. No(s). 701-TA-694 and 731-TA-1641-1642
Contact: Elizabeth Nesbitt, 202-205-1819
USITC Votes to Continue Investigations on Aluminum Lithographic Printing Plates from China and Japan

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) today determined that there is a reasonable indication that a U.S. industry is materially injured by reason of imports of aluminum lithographic printing plates from China and Japan that are allegedly sold in the United States at less than fair value and subsidized by the government of China.

Chairman David S. Johanson and Commissioners Rhonda K. Schmidtlein, Jason E. Kearns, and Amy A. Karpel voted in the affirmative. 

As a result of the Commission’s affirmative determinations, the U.S. Department of Commerce will continue its investigations of imports of aluminum lithographic printing plates from China and Japan, with its preliminary countervailing duty determination due on or about December 22, 2023, and its preliminary antidumping duty determinations due on or about March 6, 2024.

The Commission’s public report Aluminum Lithographic Printing Plates from China and Japan (Inv. Nos. 701-TA-694 and 731-TA-1641-1642 (Preliminary), USITC Publication 5475, November 2023) will contain the views of the Commission and information developed during the investigations.

The report will be available by December 18, 2023; when available, it may be accessed on the USITC website at:

Washington, DC 20436


Aluminum Lithographic Printing Plates from China and Japan
Investigation Nos.: 701-TA-694 and 731-TA-1641-1642 (Preliminary)

Product Description: Aluminum lithographic printing plates (ALPs) are aluminum image carriers used in offset printing. “Wet” ALPs go through an additional chemical coating process during manufacturing while other ALPs (commonly referred to as “process free” or “chemfree”) do not.

Status of Proceedings:

  1. Type of investigation: Preliminary countervailing duty and antidumping duty investigations.
  2. Petitioner:  Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York.
  3. USITC Institution Date: Thursday, September 28, 2023.
  4. USITC Conference Date: Thursday, October 19, 2023.
  5. USITC Vote Date: Thursday, November 09, 2023.
  6. USITC Notification to Commerce Date:  Monday, November 13, 2023.

U.S. Industry in 2022:

  1. Number of U.S. producers: 2.
  2. Location of producers’ plants:  Georgia, South Carolina
  3. Production and related workers: 1
  4. U.S. producers’ U.S. shipments:  1
  5. Apparent U.S. consumption: 1
  6. Ratio of subject imports to apparent U.S. consumption:  1

U.S. Imports in 2022:

  1. Subject imports:  1
  2. Nonsubject imports:  1
  3. Leading import sources: China, Germany, Japan, and United Kingdom.

1 Withheld to avoid disclosure of business proprietary information.

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