January 12, 2023
News Release 23-003
Contact: Elizabeth Nesbitt, 202-205-1819
USITC Launches New Investigations Database System

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) today deployed the Investigations Database System (IDS), an innovative new data management tool that captures, manages, and displays USITC investigation-related information. Users are encouraged to visit the USITC website at https://ids.usitc.gov to explore this new tool.

A major new feature is the ability to conduct quick searches and advanced searches of the centralized investigation database that generate in-depth search results across multiple practice areas, providing new perspectives and value-added insights for users.

IDS provides users with several ways to obtain information. For example, users can search IDS by keywords (e.g., steel), creating a one-stop shop for investigation data across Section 337, import injury, and factfinding mission areas. Alternatively, users can focus on a single investigative area by focusing on or filtering their searches by practice area.

Other key functions and information across practice areas include:

  • Ability to access investigation information in all practice areas and see a wealth of information, including investigative staff, hearing witnesses, news releases, and other data
  • A new look for the “ongoing investigations” webpage for factfinding investigations
  • Centralized data across different phases of import injury and Section 337 investigations
  • A new module that lists all orders issued in a Section 337 investigation, the parties impacted, and the unfair act and intellectual property implicated in the order
  • Disposition information for individual respondents in investigations
  • Associated litigation information for specific import injury investigations
  • Links to external resources related to investigations (e.g., Department of Commerce AD/CVD information)
  • Integration with EDIS to share core investigation data across all practice areas

QUESTIONS? Contact IDS-Help@usitc.gov with any questions about the IDS launch.

About the USITC: The mission of the USITC is to investigate and make determinations in proceedings involving imports claimed to injure a domestic industry or violate U.S. intellectual property rights; provide independent analysis and information on tariffs, trade, and competitiveness; and maintain the U.S. tariff schedule.

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