February 26, 2016
News Release 16-023(c)
Inv. No(s). 701-TA-554 and 731-TA-1309 (Preliminary)
Contact: Peg O'Laughlin, 202-205-1819
USITC Votes to Continue Investigations on Certain Biaxial Integral Geogrid Products from China

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) today determined that there is a reasonable indication that a U.S. industry is materially injured by reason of imports of certain biaxial integral geogrid products from China that are allegedly subsidized and sold in the United States at less than fair value.

As a result of the Commission’s affirmative determinations, the U.S. Department of Commerce will continue to conduct its investigations on imports of these products from China, with its preliminary countervailing duty determination due on or about April 7, 2016, and its preliminary antidumping duty determination due on or about June 21, 2016.

The Commission’s public report Certain Biaxial Integral Geogrid Products from China (Investigation Nos. 701-TA-554 and 731-TA-1309 (Preliminary), USITC Publication 4596, March 2016) will contain the views of the Commission and information developed during the investigations.

The report will be available after March 28, 2016.  After that date, it may be accessed on the USITC website at:  http://pubapps.usitc.gov/applications/publogs/qry_publication_loglist.asp.



Office of Industries

Washington, DC 20436


Certain Biaxial Integral Geogrid Products from China

Investigation Nos. 701-TA-554 and 731-TA-1309 (Preliminary)


Product Description:

Biaxial integral geogrid products are a polymer grid or mesh material (whether or not finished, slit, cut‐to‐length, attached to woven or nonwoven fabric or sheet material, or packaged) in which four‐sided openings in the form of squares, rectangles, rhomboids, diamonds, or other four-sided figures predominate. The products have integral strands that have been stretched to induce molecular orientation into the material constituting the sides of the openings and integral junctions where the strands intersect.  “Integral” refers to strands and junctions that are homogenous with each other. The products covered have a tensile strength of greater than 5 kilonewtons per meter in any direction and average overall flexural stiffness of more than 100,000 milligram‐centimeter. The most common use is the construction of paved (usually asphalt) and unpaved roads.  The product interlocks with road building materials to prevent lateral movement and increases the road’s load bearing capacity.

Status of Proceedings:

1.         Type of investigations: Preliminary antidumping and countervailing duty.

2.         Petitioner: Tensar Corporation, Morrow, GA.

3.         Preliminary investigations instituted by the USITC: January 13, 2016.

4.         Commission’s conference: February 3, 2016.

5.         USITC vote: February 26, 2016.

6.         USITC determinations to the U.S. Department of Commerce: February 29, 2016.

7.         USITC views to the U.S. Department of Commerce: March 7, 2016.

U.S. Industry:

1.         Number of producers during 2014: Two.

2.         Location of producers’ plants:  Alabama, Maryland, and Georgia.

3.         Employment of production and related workers in 2014: [1]

4.         Apparent U.S. consumption in 2014: 1

5.         Ratio of the value of total U.S. imports to total U.S. consumption in 2014: 1

U.S. Imports:

1.         From the subject country during 2014:  $9.25 million.

2.         From other countries during 2014:  None.

3.         Leading sources during 2014: China (in terms of total value).


[1] Withheld to avoid disclosure of business proprietary information.



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