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How Do I Find

Public Inspection Files:

Non-confidential filings in all official USITC investigation are available for public inspection. Online, you can view non-confidential filings through the Electronic Document Information System (EDIS)

EDIS search tips

Lists of attorneys and law firms representing parties in import injury investigations (known as "service lists")

** NOTE: Service lists for section 337 investigations are appended to official documents served in those cases. Go into EDIS, search on the investigation you are interested in, and find a "Notice" issued by the USITC. Open the document and go to the end. The service list will be the last pages.

Commission Reports on Miscellaneous Tariff Bills (known as Congressional Bill Reports)

Request letters and other documents for ongoing general factfinding investigations

Current Budget Request, Strategic Plan, Organizational Chart

Commissioner Biographies

Commissioner Photos

News Releases

Federal Register notices

Summary information regarding individual import injury investigations (antidumping, countervailing duty, five-year (sunset) review, safeguard)

Summary information regarding individual Section 337 investigations

Commission Publications

Staff Research