USITC Remains One of Government's "Best Places to Work"


Commission Ranked 2nd Best Place to Work of 29 Small Federal Agencies in 2018;

Operations Office Ranked 9th Best of 415 Agency Subcomponents


The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) continues to rank as one of the best small federal government agencies to work for, according to the Partnership for Public Service’s 2018 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

The agency was ranked #2 among the 29 small agencies included in the annual employee engagement rankings produced by the Partnership for Public Service.  The 2018 results were released on December 12, 2018. 

The USITC ranked second among small agencies for a second year in 2018, and it increased its engagement score by 4.8 points to 85.7.  The Commission’s overall engagement score has improved by more than 25 points over the last six years.  For the first time this year, the Commission’s Office of Operations was evaluated as an organizational subcomponent and was ranked ninth among 415 governmentwide subcomponents.

The rankings are based on data from the Office of Personnel Management’s annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, which was administered May through June 2018 to permanent executive branch employees. Additional employee survey data from 13 agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and intelligence community, are included in the results.

The USITC had the highest FEVS response rate in the federal government in 2018.

The rankings cover 488 federal agencies and subcomponents, which includes 17 large federal agencies, 27 midsize agencies, 29 small agencies, and 415 subcomponents.  According to the Partnership for Public Service, the rankings provide employee perspectives on leadership, pay, innovation, work-life balance, and a range of other issues.  The rankings provide a way to measure the engagement of the federal workforce as a whole as well as at individual departments and agencies, and their subcomponents, according to the group.

See the Partnership for Public Service’s analysis of the USITC’s overall score and the Office of Operations’score for more information.