The USITC has launched its new interactive Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) search tool. The tool provides a more modern and accessible interface to search for tariff information, expanded search results inclusive of all HTS chapters, and the capability to download the HTS data in multiple formats.

The USITC migrated the HTS data into a database form, allowing the agency to more effectively manage changes to the tariff schedule.  The new search interface deployed on top of the database will allow users to search on terms contained within the HTS and immediately see all HTS entries that include that term.  This new tool expands on previous HTS search capabilities by including Chapters 98 and 99 in the potential search results.   

Users will also be able to download HTS information from the database in four different electronic formats:  Excel, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation, XML compatible), CSV (comma-separated values), and PDF (Portable Document Format).  

The new tool is designed to be intuitive; it includes user tips, a user guide, and online help to assist users with the tool’s capabilities, as well as an “Ask a Tariff Question” feature, through which users can send email to USITC staff asking either technical or substantive questions.

The USITC previously launched a beta version of the new search tool to solicit feedback from the public.  Users provided many positive and constructive comments about the new search tool during the beta period, and the official version released today takes into account some of these comments.  Additional enhancements are planned in the near future to incorporate additional changes based on user feedback.  The USITC continues to welcome additional comments using the Feedback option available in the new tool.

The new system can be accessed at the same URL: