The Harmonized Tariff Schedule’s 2021 Basic edition has been updated.  The revised Basic edition is now posted on the USITC web site.

Revision 6 includes only the suspension of the additional duties on products of EU countries and of the United Kingdom, which were previously implemented in the large civil aircraft dispute.

Revision 5 included three types of modifications:

  • statistical reporting changes adopted by the Committee for Statistical Annotation of the Tariff Schedules, effective July 1, 2021;
  • the deletions of the “CA,” and “MX,” symbols and of general note 12, as provided in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement proclamation; and
  • minor technical corrections in a few provisions.

Users should reference the Preface and the Change Record for specific information on each Revision.  (The Change Record applies to this Revision only and is not cumulative of prior publications.)

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