EDIS 3.10 -- What will transfer? What won’t?

The USITC is upgrading its Electronic Document Information System (EDIS) this Fall!

So what will this mean for you?

  • User names WILL transfer automatically to EDIS 3.10.
  • Passwords WILL transfer automatically to EDIS 3.10.
  • All existing calls to the Web Service API WILL continue to work using the existing URL structure.


  • Existing RSS feeds WON’T transfer automatically – you will have to re-create them!


  • Accounts that have been inactive for six months will transfer automatically to EDIS 3.10 but WILL REMAIN INACTIVE – to reinstate an inactive account, contact the EDIS Help Desk for information/assistance (email: EDIS3Help@usitc.gov or phone: 202-205-EDIS (3347))

EDIS 3.10 – More than just a pretty new face!  Watch this space for more details soon!