"How competitive are U.S. industries compared to foreign industries?"

"How will changing factors in international trade affect U.S. companies in the future?"

The Office of Industry and Competitiveness Analysis answers these questions by providing industry and issue expertise to the President, Congress, and federal agencies. Industry experts and economists offer qualitative and quantitative analysis of some of the most timely and crucial questions involving international trade and its place in the modern economy.


The Office of Industry and Competitiveness Analysis has five divisions:

  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Advanced Technology and Machinery
  • Chemicals and Textiles
  • Natural Resources and Metals
  • Services

The divisions' experts address questions and policies surrounding tariff and non-tariff barriers, fiscal incentives, production technologies, cost structures, and business strategies. They also analyze trade-related issues such as intellectual property (IP), sanitary and phytosanitary measures, customs procedures, foreign assembly operations, environmental services, and rules of origin.

Search the analyst directory by commodity or service or by import classification (HTS) number.