USITC Launches Its New Data Management Tool – IDS Part IV
Practice Specific: Factfinding Investigations

The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) is pleased to announce the launch of Investigations Database System (IDS)! This innovative new data management tool captures, manages, and displays USITC investigation-related data, enabling real-time reporting. IDS will serve as an authoritative data source and will generate in-depth search results across multiple practice areas, providing new perspectives and insights for data users.

This web article addresses IDS features for factfinding investigations. IDS provides a central repository of data related to such investigations, adding many new functions that are designed to enhance the user experience. An IDS search using the keyword “China,” for example, will generate results for factfinding investigations that included China in the title, topic, or key country of the report. Detailed information will also be available for individual factfinding investigations.

Below are some of the new features and capabilities available in the new data management tool for factfinding investigations:

  • A centralized database of information on factfinding investigations
  • A new look for the ongoing investigations webpage
  • The ability to directly click on specific investigations and see a wealth of information, including:
    • Report personnel
    • Hearing witnesses
    • News releases
  • And many more . . .

We will also announce virtual training opportunities and the availability of instructional guides.

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