Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Investigations

Active Investigations
Carbon and Certain Alloy Steel Wire Rod from Belarus, Italy, Korea, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom
Inv. No. (Inv. Nos. 701-TA-573-574 and 731-TA-1349-1358 (Final))
Final Phase
Office of Investigations Name/E-mail Phone
Supervisory Investigator
Key Dates
09/05/2017: Start 10/13/2017: Return Questionnaires 11/02/2017: Prehearing Report 11/09/2017: Prehearing Briefs 11/16/2017 9:30 am: Hearing 11/27/2017: Posthearing Briefs 12/08/2017: Report to the Commission 12/13/2017: Record Closing 12/15/2017: Final Comments 12/19/2017: Proposed Vote 01/11/2018: Determination(s) Issued 01/11/2018: View(s) Issued 01/11/2018: End
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Notices - USITCSchedulingpdf
Notices - USITCScheduling - Supplemental pdf
Notices - USITCInstitution pdf
Notices - USITCDetermination - Final- Russia-Belarus-UABpdf
Notices - USITCDetermination- Final- South Africa-Ukrainepdf
QuestionnairesU.S. - Producer msword
QuestionnairesU.S. - Importermsword
QuestionnairesU.S. - Purchasermsword
QuestionnairesForeign - Producermsword
QuestionnairesTransmittal Letterpdf
TranscriptsHearing Transcriptpdf
TranscriptsVote Transcriptpdf
Other DocumentsService List - APOpdf
Other DocumentsService List - Publicpdf
Other DocumentsNews Release - Vote - Belarus, Russia, and the United Arab Emiratespdf
Other DocumentsNew Release-Votepdf
Other DocumentsUSITC Publication 4752pdf
Commerce DocumentsDetermination-AD-Final-Russia-United Arab Emirates-Belaruspdf
Commerce DocumentsDetermination - AD - South Africapdf
Commerce DocumentsDetermination - AD - Ukrainepdf