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Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs): Investigation No. 332-588

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs):
Effects of FTZ Policies and Practices on U.S. Firms Operating in
U.S. FTZs and Under Similar Programs in Canada and Mexico

(Investigation No. 332-588)


Click the following link to access the questionnaire:
Foreign Trade Zones Questionnaire

Completing the questionnaire

The only way to answer this questionnaire is to use the interactive version that is available at the link above.

You can access the survey using the 10-digit identification number that was in the notification letter that was sent to your business. Please keep your individualized survey token accessible. Your progress will be saved automatically, and you can leave the site and come back as many times as needed.

If you would like to see the entire questionnaire, you can download a PDF version of the questionnaire. The PDF version is for informational purposes only, as the Commission is only able to receive responses via online submission through the link above.

Background information

The U.S. International Trade Commission is often asked by Congress and the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) to investigate and report on practices by foreign governments that affect particular U.S. industries. The current investigation on foreign trade zones was requested by USTR. The information requested by the questionnaire is for use by the Commission in connection with investigation no. 332-588, Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs): Effects of FTZ Policies and Practices on U.S. Firms Operating in U.S. FTZs and Under Similar Programs in Canada and Mexico. The Commission will deliver the results of its investigation to the Committee by April 14, 2022. In its letter, USTR listed the types of information that the report should include based on available information, including a survey of U.S. firms. The questionnaire is designed to satisfy this USTR requirement.


The Commission will designate the information you provide in response to this questionnaire as "confidential business information," to the extent that the information would reveal the operations of your organization and is not otherwise available to the public. Per USTR's request, the Commission will not include any confidential business information in its report. The confidential business information provided may be disclosed and used as provided for in section 7 of the questionnaire: (i) by the Commission, its employees and Offices, and contract personnel (a) for developing or maintaining the records of this or a related proceeding, or (b) in internal investigations, audits, reviews, and evaluations relating to the programs, personnel, and operations of the Commission including under 5 U.S.C. Appendix 3; or (ii) by U.S. government employees and contract personnel (a) for cybersecurity purposes or (b) in monitoring user activity on U.S. government classified networks. The Commission will not otherwise disclose any confidential business information in a manner that would reveal the operations of the business supplying the information.  The information will be aggregated with information from other questionnaire responses and will not be published in a manner that would reveal the operations of an individual business.

Additional Information and Assistance

For more information about these reports and the investigations for which they are being prepared (No. 332-588), please visit the Ongoing Investigations page.

If you need any assistance with the questionnaire, please contact one of our team members. The project leaders are Ann Marie Carton, Fernando Gracia, and Lin Jones. The best way to reach them is by email at If you prefer to contact them by phone, please call 202-205-2781.

More information about the U.S. International Trade Commission can be found by visiting