Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Investigations

Active investigations are Commission import-injury proceedings that are pending a Commission determination or have been recently completed (typically within 45 days). Investigations are, by default, listed alphabetically by investigation title. Investigations may be filtered by Status (Any/Active/Completed) and/or Phase and be sorted by Investigation Title, Start Date, or Phase.

Completed investigations are Commission import-injury proceedings for which the Commission has already made a determination. An archive of completed investigations is presented for Commission import-injury determinations since January 1, 2003.

Investigation Title Investigation # Start Datesort descending End Date Phase
Utility Scale Wind Towers from China and Vietnam 701-TA-486 and 731-TA-1195-1196 1/2/2018 4/29/2019 Full Review
Large Residential Washers from Korea and Mexico 701-TA-488 and 731-TA-1199-1200 1/2/2018 4/24/2019 First Review (Full)
Fresh Tomatoes from Mexico 731-TA-747 2/1/2018 5/28/2019 Fourth Review (Full)
Certain Pasta from Italy and Turkey 701-TA-365-366 and 731-TA-734-735 8/1/2018 4/4/2019 Expedited Review
Large Diameter Welded Pipe from Canada, China, Greece, India, Korea, Turkey 701-TA-593-596 and 731-TA-1401-1406 8/27/2018 1/30/2019, 4/15/2019 Final
Rubber Bands from China and Thailand 701-TA-598 and 600 and 731-TA-1408 and 1410 8/29/2018 4/22/2019 Final
Cast Iron Soil Pipe from China Inv. Nos. 701-TA-597 and 731-TA-1407 8/31/2018 4/8/2019 Final
Silicomanganese from India, Kazakhstan, and Venezuela 731-TA-929-931 9/4/2018 12/10/2018 Expedited Review
Welded Large Diameter Line Pipe from Japan 731-TA-919 9/4/2018 9/30/2019 Third Review (Full)
Laminated Woven Sacks from Vietnam Inv. No. 701-TA-601 and 731-TA-1411 10/11/2018 5/15/2019 Final
Steel Wheels from China Inv. No. 701-TA-602 and 731-TA-1412 10/23/2018 5/13/2019 Final
Glycine from China, India, Japan, and Thailand 701-TA-603-605 and 731-TA-1413-1415 10/31/2018 6/10/2019 Final
Low Enriched Uranium From France 731-TA-909 11/1/2018 Adequacy
Circular Welded Carbon-Quality Pipe from China 701-TA-447 and 731-TA-1116 11/1/2018 6/14/2019 Second Review (Expedited)
Quartz surface products from China 701-TA-606 and 731-TA-1416 11/20/2018 6/24/2019 Final
Steel Nails from China 731-TA-1114 12/3/2018 4/12/2019 Expedited Review
Hot-Rolled Steel Products from China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Ukraine 701-TA-405,701-TA-406,701-TA-408,731-TA-899,731-TA-900,731-TA-901,731-TA-906,731-TA-907 and 731-TA-908 1/2/2019 5/7/2019 Adequacy
Sodium Nitrite from China and Germany 701-TA-453 and 731-TA-1136-1137 1/2/2019 4/12/2019 Adequacy
Raw Flexible Magnets from China and Taiwan 701-TA-452 and 731-TA-1129-1130 1/2/2019 4/8/2019 Expedited Review
Non-Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fittings from China 731-TA-990 1/2/2019 4/12/2019 Adequacy
Off-the-Road Tires from China 701-TA-448 and 731-TA-1117 1/2/2019 4/12/2019 Adequacy
Steel Propane Cylinders from China and Thailand 701-TA-607 and 731-TA-1417 and 1419 1/30/2019 7/29/2019 Final
Steel Wire Garment Hangers from China 731-TA-1123 2/1/2019 5/7/2019 Adequacy
Laminated Woven Sacks from China 701-TA-450 and 731-TA-1122 2/1/2019 5/7/2019 Adequacy
Persulfates from China 731-TA-749 2/1/2019 5/7/2019 Adequacy
Fabricated Structural Steel from Canada, China, and Mexico 701-TA-615-617 and 731-TA-1432-1434 2/4/2019 3/29/2019 Preliminary
Large Residential Washers: Monitoring Developments in the Domestic Industry TA-204-013 2/15/2019 8/7/2019 Safeguard
Acetone From Belgium, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, and Spain 731-TA-1435-1440 2/19/2019 4/12/2019 Preliminary
Carbon and Alloy Steel Threaded Rod from China, India, Taiwan and Thailand 701-618-619 and 731-TA-1441-1444 2/21/2019 4/15/2019 Preliminary
Uncovered Innerspring Units from China, South Africa, and Vietnam 731-TA-1140-1142 3/1/2019 6/4/2019 Adequacy
Steel Racks from China 701-TA-608 and 731-TA-1420 3/4/2019 9/3/2019 Final
Wooden Cabinets and Vanities from China 701-TA-620 and 731-TA-1445 3/6/2019 4/29/2019 Preliminary
Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous from Canada 731-TA-1446 3/28/2019 5/20/2019 Preliminary
Crawfish Tail Meat from China 731-TA-752 4/1/2019 7/5/2019 Adequacy
Circular Welded Carbon Quality Steel Line Pipe from China 701-TA-455 and 731-TA-1149 4/1/2019 7/5/2019 Adequacy
Diffusion-Annealed, Nickel-Plated Flat-Rolled Steel Products from Japan 731-TA-1206 4/1/2019 7/5/2019 Adequacy
Ceramic Tile Products from China 701-TA-621 and 731-TA-1447 4/10/2019 6/4/2019 Preliminary
Steel Trailer Wheels from China 701-TA-609 and 731-TA-1421 4/15/2019 Final
Dried Tart Cherries from Turkey 701-TA-622 and 731-TA-1448 4/23/2019 6/14/2019 Preliminary