Staff Research Papers

  • The Executive Briefings on Trade (EBOTs) are focused 2-page papers that keep the Commission and the public current on domestic and global activities that affect U.S. trade, investment, and competitiveness.

  • The Journal of International Commerce and Economics (JICE) is a peer-reviewed journal (ISSN 2152-6877) published on a periodic basis by the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC). JICE articles contribute to the field of applied international trade by providing in-depth, policy-relevant, and accessible analysis of contemporary economic, industry competitiveness, and investment issues.

  • Staff Research / Working Papers represent preliminary, technical trade research conducted by staff in the offices of Economics and Industries. Their aim is to make valuable contributions to the literature on applied topics in international trade.
PLEASE NOTE: The publications and research papers reflect the opinions and research of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.
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Staff Research Portals

  • The Gravity Portal provides data and computer code related to gravity modeling of international trade. This data and code are designed to work together as the Gravity Modeling Environment (GME).

  • The Partial Equilibrium (PE) Modeling Portal provides industry-specific, PE modeling tools that can be used to simulate the economic impact of changes in trade policies. The models are based on economic theory and can be applied to specific industry data and policy scenarios.

  • The Trade in Value Added (TiVA) Portal serves as a platform for hosting research databases, tools, and output related to global value chains (GVCs) produced by the Commission staff and/or in collaboration with external researchers and organizations.