David Riker


This article analyzes the weekly earnings in U.S. manufacturing and services industries, based on data for approximately 164,000 workers in 2014. It estimates the earnings premium in export-intensive industries, based on an econometric analysis that combines worker-level data on earnings, education, occupation, and other demographic characteristics from the Current Population Survey with industry-level data on exports and total shipments of manufactures and services. The estimates indicate that export-intensive industries pay more on average and that the export earnings premium is larger for blue collar workers in production and support occupations (they earn a 19.0% premium in export-intensive manufacturing industries and a 17.6% premium in export-intensive services industries) than for white collar workers in management and professional occupations (they earn a 9.9% premium in export-intensive manufacturing industries and a 12.0% premium in export-intensive services industries). Overall, the export earnings premium in 2014 is 16.3% on average in the manufacturing industries and 15.5% on average in the services industries.