Elisabeth Nesbitt, Paul Thiers, Johnway Gao, Sharon Shoemaker, Manuel Garcia-Perez, Julie Carrier, Joy Doran-Peterson, John Morgan, Guangyi Wang, Pierre Christian Wensel, Shulin Chen


The Chinese government is vigorously promoting commercialization of renewable energy and bioproducts, given environmental issues plus food, energy, and national security concerns, according to Chinese industry experts at the August 2010 “China Bioenergy Workshop” and its related technical tours. Goals include replacing 15 percent of conventional energy with renewable energy by 2020 and providing necessary investment of about $800 billion. Government policies cited include financing (given the lack of venture capital), financial and taxation incentives, carbon taxes and credits, and mandatory usage requirements, but the speakers said more can and will be done. Although not yet released at the time of the workshop, the speakers expected the Twelfth 5-Year Plan to expand the momentum generated under the Eleventh 5-Year Plan. This commentary article highlights novel issues gleaned from the experts’ unique, “Con-the-ground” perspective of current and future bioenergy and bioproduct research and commercialization in China.