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Executive Briefings on Trade

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The Executive Briefings on Trade keep the Commission and the public current on domestic and global activities that affect U.S. trade, investment, and competitiveness. They reflect the opinions and research of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.

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Title Date Author
‘Made in China 2025’ Attempts to Re-Stimulate Domestic Innovation Sep 17 Alexander B. Hammer, Office of Economics
2020 Marine Fuel Regulations Set to Make Waves in Global Fuel Markets Jan 20 Diana Friedman, USITC, Office of Industries
A Baseline For U.S. Trade In Organic Agricultural Products Oct 12 Katherine Baldwin
A Brief History of the U.S. Trade Adjustment Assistance Program for Workers Jan 17 Joanne Guth and Jean Lee, Office of Economics, USITC
A Changing of the Guard? Emerging Southeast Asian Suppliers of Medical Technology Oct 19 Mihir Torsekar, USITC, Office of Industries
Africa’s Crude Petroleum Exports Declined Due to a Shrinking U.S. Market Jul 15 Cynthia Foreso, USITC, Office of Industries, Wen Jin Yuan, USITC, Office of Industries, Anton C. Yang, USITC, Office of Industries
Agricultural Trade with China: Dairy Import Giant Sep 19 Brad Gehrke and Lesley Ahmed, Office of Industries
Agricultural Trade with China: The Opening of Beef Trade Jun 18 John Giamalva, Office of Industries, USITC
Agriculture Policy in India: The Role of Input Subsidies Mar 11 Nick Grossman, Dylan Carlson
And Then There Were Four?: M&A in the Agricultural Chemicals Industry Apr 18 Samantha DeCarlo, Office of Industries
Beware of the Hype: Meat Alternatives Jun 19 Justin Choe, USITC, Office of Industries
Brazil’s Applied Tariffs Understated Its Overall Import Restrictiveness from 2001–2011 Feb 13 Caitlyn Carrico, Dylan Carlson
Brazil’s Surging Foreign Investment: A Blessing or a Curse? Oct 12 Justino De La Cruz, Joanne Guth, Amanda Reynolds, Darren Sheets
Changes in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Import Mix under the Agreement on Trade in Pharmaceutical Products Aug 17 Elizabeth Nesbitt, Office of Industries
China and India: The Growing Arenas for E-Commerce Aug 15 Jeff Horowitz and Aimee Phelan, USITC, Office of Economics
China's Changing Medtech Landscape, Part 1: Shifting Exports Jan 18 Mihir Torsekar, Office of Industries, USITC
China’s Dominance as a Global Consumer and Producer of Copper Aug 12 Alexander Hammer, Lin Jones
China's Emerging Role as a Global Source of FDI Jan 12 Alexander Hammer , Lin Jones
China's Growth Recession and Policy Response Mar 09 Alexander Hammer
China’s Move Up the Value Chain Through More Complex Intermediate Exports Nov 19 Lin Jones, Meryem Demirkaya, and Erika Bethmann, USITC, Office of Economics
China’s Official Assistance and Corresponding Trade Flows to Africa Mar 15 Arona Butcher, USITC, Wen Jin Yuan, USITC
China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa Jul 19 Arona Butcher, Wen Jin “Jean” Yuan, and Ujjwall Uppuluri, USITC, Office of Economics
China’s Recycled Wastepaper Import Policies: Part 1 Impact on the United States Apr 18 Sarah Scott, Office of Industries
China's Recycled Wastepaper Import Policies: Part 2 Economic Effects and Implications for Associated Industries Nov 19 Sarah Scott and Robert Ireland, USITC, Office of Industries
China's Trade and Investment in Financial Services with Africa Oct 14 Wen Jin Yuan, USITC Office of Economics