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Staff Publications and Research Papers

The staff research publications help keep the Commission and the public current on domestic and global activities that affect U.S. trade, investment, and competitiveness conditions. This research is typically conducted by staff in the Office of Economics and Office of Industries, and is published in three different formats. For further information about the differences between the publications, please visit Publications Type information.

Note that staff research publications reflect the work of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.

Staff research publications can be found by typing in the desired keyword into the search box labeled "Search Staff Documents." Filtering options on the left panel can help narrow the search criteria. Note: Filtering may not be presented on mobile devices

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Title Document Type Date Author
 PDF icon COMPAS-commercial Policy Analysis System Staff Publication/Working Paper Dec 2007 Joseph Francois, Keith Hall
 Export Taxes on Agricultural Products: Recent History and Economic Modeling of Soybean Export Taxes in Argentina Journal of International Commerce and Economics Sep 2007 William Deese, John Roeder
 A Calibrated Approach: Pharmaceutical FDI and the Evolution of Indian Patent Law Journal of International Commerce and Economics Aug 2007 Katherine Linton, Nicholas Corrado
 The Rise of the Flash Memory Market: Its Impact on Firm Behavior and Global Semiconductor Trade Patterns Journal of International Commerce and Economics Jul 2007 Falan Yinug
 U.S. Trade Law and FTAs: A Survey of Labor Requirements Journal of International Commerce and Economics Jul 2007 Robert A. Rogowsky, Eric Chyn
 PDF icon Competitive Conditions for Foreign Direct Investment in India Staff Publication/Working Paper Jul 2007 Laura Bloodgood
 PDF icon Textile and Apparel Barriers and Rules of Origin in a Post-ATC World Staff Publication/Working Paper Jun 2007 William M. Powers
 PDF icon Endogenous Liberalization and Sectoral Trade Staff Publication/Working Paper Jun 2007 William M. Powers
 Inbound and Outbound U.S. Direct Investment With Leading Partner Countries, 2000-2007 Journal of International Commerce and Economics Jun 2007 Laura Bloodgood
 PDF icon The Emergence of India's Pharmaceutical Industry and Implications for the U.S. Generic Drug Market Staff Publication/Working Paper May 2007 Alan K. Fox, William M. Powers, Ashley Winston
 PDF icon Accounting for Discrepancies in Bilateral Trade: The Case of China, Hong Kong, and the United States Staff Publication/Working Paper Apr 2007 Michael J. Ferrantino , Zhi Wang
 PDF icon Measuring the Vertical Specialization in Chinese Trade Staff Publication/Working Paper Jan 2007 Judith M. Dean, K.C. Fung, Zhi Wang