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Staff Publications and Research Papers

The staff research publications help keep the Commission and the public current on domestic and global activities that affect U.S. trade, investment, and competitiveness conditions. This research is typically conducted by staff in the Office of Economics and Office of Industries, and is published in three different formats. For further information about the differences between the publications, please visit Publications Type information.

Note that staff research publications reflect the work of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.

Staff research publications can be found by typing in the desired keyword into the search box labeled "Search Staff Documents." Filtering options on the left panel can help narrow the search criteria. Note: Filtering may not be presented on mobile devices

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Title Document Type Date Author
 PDF icon Making Global Value Chain Research More Accessible Staff Publication/Working Paper Oct 2013 Lin Jones, William Powers , Ravinder Ubee
 PDF icon The Health and Competitiveness of the U.S. Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Industry Staff Publication/Working Paper Jul 2019 John VerWey
 PDF icon Firm Level Analysis of Trade Restrictions in the Maritime Port Services Industry Staff Publication/Working Paper Jul 2019 Arthur Chambers and Joann Peterson
 PDF icon China’s Growing Role in U.S. Automotive Supply Chains Staff Publication/Working Paper Aug 2019 David Coffin
 PDF icon The South Korea-Japan Trade Dispute in Context: Semiconductor Manufacturing, Chemicals, and Concentrated Supply Chains Staff Publication/Working Paper Oct 2019 Samuel M. Goodman, Dan Kim and John VerWey
 PDF icon Building Vehicle Autonomy: Sensors, Semiconductors, Software and U.S. Competitiveness Staff Publication/Working Paper Nov 2019 David Coffin and John VerWey, Sarah Oliver
 PDF icon A Comprehensive Comparison of Rules of Origin in U.S. Trade Agreements Staff Publication/Working Paper May 2020 William Powers, Ricky Ubee
 PDF icon Global Value Chains: Cobalt in Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles Staff Publication/Working Paper May 2020 Daniel Matthews
 PDF icon Lithium-Ion Battery Materials for Electric Vehicles and their Global Value Chains Staff Publication/Working Paper Jun 2020 Sarah Scott, Robert Ireland
 PDF icon Global Value Chains: Lithium in Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles Staff Publication/Working Paper Jul 2020 Gregory M. LaRocca
 PDF icon Is China In a High-Tech, Low-Productivity Trap? [PDF] Staff Publication/Working Paper Jul 2020 Alexander Hammer, Shahid Yusuf
 PDF icon Supply Chain for EV Batteries: 2020 Trade and Value-add Update Staff Publication/Working Paper Jan 2021 Jeff Horowitz, David Coffin, Brennan Taylor
 PDF icon Rare Earths and the U.S. Electronics Sector: Supply Chain Developments and Trends Staff Publication/Working Paper Jun 2021 Brian Daigle and Samantha DeCarlo
 PDF icon Challenges Facing Selected Industries and Related Global Supply Chains During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic [PDF] Staff Publication/Working Paper Feb 2022 Erika Bethmann, Chang Hong, Lin Jones, and Joann Peterson
 HTML icon Interactive Graphic, PDF icon The Roadblocks of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the U.S. Automotive Industry Staff Publication/Working Paper Jun 2022 David Coffin, Dixie Downing, Jeff Horowitz, and Greg LaRocca