The staff research publications help keep the Commission and the public current on domestic and global activities that affect U.S. trade, investment, and competitiveness conditions. This research is typically conducted by staff in the Office of Economics and Office of Industries, and is published in three different formats. For further information about the differences between the publications, please visit PUBLICATION TYPE INFORMATION.

Note that staff research publications reflect the work of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.

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  Against the Grain: Russian Hardwood Plywood Exports Executive Briefings Jun 2024 Sarah Scott
  Can CCS Deliver? Exploring the Potential of Carbon Capture and Storage in Industry Executive Briefings Jun 2024 Tyler Berard
  Building a Healthy Economy: The Rise of Costa Rica's Export-Oriented Medical Device Industry Executive Briefings Jun 2024 Tyler Berard
  Powering Space Exploration Executive Briefings Jun 2024 Dixie Downing, Mitch Semanik
  Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on Global Nickel Trade Executive Briefings Apr 2024 David Guberman
  EU Wood Pellet Imports After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Executive Briefings Apr 2024 Robert Ireland
  Manufacturing Employment Trends in the United States and Selected Trading Partners, 2014-2022 Executive Briefings Apr 2024 John B. Benedetto
  Chinese Vehicle Exports: Electrified Executive Briefings Apr 2024 David Coffin, Jeff Walling
  Palm Off the “Red Gold:” Headwinds for EU Palm Oil Trade? Executive Briefings Apr 2024 Ivan Lee
  Germanium and Gallium: U.S. Trade and Chinese Export Controls Executive Briefings Mar 2024 Matthew Blackwood, Catherine DeFilippo
  Easy Being Green? EU Sustainability Policies and the Textile & Apparel Industry Executive Briefings Mar 2024 Elizabeth Howlett
  Beyond Finger Pricks: A Review of Continuous Glucose Monitors and Barriers to Access Executive Briefings Mar 2024 Tyler Berard, Dixie Downing
  U.S. Import Injury Boomerang Filings: What Makes a Boomerang? Executive Briefings Mar 2024 Craig Thomsen
  A Split-Second Look at Nuclear Energy in the U.S. and Around the World Executive Briefings Mar 2024 Dixie Downing, Brennan Taylor
  Global Trade in Waste Treatment and De-Pollution Services Executive Briefings Mar 2024 Jennifer Powell
  Economic Sanctions: An Overview Executive Briefings Mar 2024 Sarah Krulikowski
  AT&T’s Purchase of Ericsson Equipment Further Solidifies Ericsson’s Global Leadership Executive Briefings Feb 2024 Patrick Crotty
  Taiwan—The Silicon Island Executive Briefings Feb 2024 Lin Jones, Sarah Krulikowski
  Sparring over Seafood: China’s Ban on “Contaminated” Fish from Japan Executive Briefings Feb 2024 Renee Berry, Jeff Clark
  Central Asia: A Brief Overview of International Trade Executive Briefings Jan 2024 Sarah Krulikowski
  U.S. puts Cell-Cultured Meat on the Front Burner, While Italy puts it on the Back: Implications for Production and Trade Executive Briefings Jan 2024 Jessica Pugliese, Patrick Crotty
  Trends in U.S. Reinsurance Trade Executive Briefings Jan 2024 Theron Gray
  The Outback is Out of Step: Where is Australia’s Dairy Industry Heading? Executive Briefings Jan 2024 John Brower
  Nesting the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) in Pacific-region Trade Agreements Executive Briefings Jan 2024 Karen Thome
  Is Robusta on the Rise? Trends in Coffee Species Trade Executive Briefings Jan 2024 Amelia Shister Graytock
  U.S. Arms and Ammunition Exports Capture Only a Fraction of Aid to Ukraine Executive Briefings Jan 2024 Mitch Semanik
  Offshore Wind is Blasting into the United States Executive Briefings Nov 2023 Dixie Downing
  New Maritime Decarbonization Regulations: Background & Market Effects (Part 2) Executive Briefings Nov 2023 Rudy Telles Jr.
  U.S. Private Space Launch Industry is Out of this World Executive Briefings Nov 2023 Mitch Semanik, Patrick Crotty
  Recent Developments in Global Semiconductor Industry Executive Briefings Nov 2023 Lin Jones, Nathan Lotze
  U.S. Import Injury Boomerang Filings: Industries Seeking Relief Executive Briefings Nov 2023 Craig Thomsen
  U.S. Section 321 Imports Surge with Rising E-commerce Shipments From China Executive Briefings Nov 2023 George Serletis
  COVID-19: The Impact on U.S. Imports of Cellular Phones Executive Briefings Oct 2023 Sharon Ford
  Textile Recycling: Closing the Loop on a Greener Apparel Industry Executive Briefings Oct 2023 Elizabeth Howlett
  Would a Spoonful of Sugar Help: Is the Competition Structure in the U.S. Sugar Cane Growing and Milling Industries Changing? Executive Briefings Oct 2023 Brad Gehrke
  U.S. Import Injury Boomerang Filings: Import Sources Executive Briefings Oct 2023 Craig Thomsen
  New Maritime Decarbonization Regulations: Background & Market Effects (Part 1) Executive Briefings Jul 2023 Rudy Telles Jr.
  Fur Real: Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Signal the End of the Mink Farm? Executive Briefings Jul 2023 Anna Perry, Jessica Pugliese
  U.S. Import Injury Boomerang Filings: Frequency and Timing Executive Briefings Jun 2023 Craig Thomsen
  Canadian Utility Wood Pellet Exports Are Shifting from Europe to Asia Executive Briefings Jun 2023 Robert Ireland
  Keeping the High out of Hemp: Global THC Standards Executive Briefings May 2023 Samantha DeCarlo, Marin Weaver
  Gender, Preferential Trade Agreements, and Services Executive Briefings May 2023 Junie Joseph
  Race is Not Enough: Distributional Effects of Trade Analysis and the Salience of Ethnicity Executive Briefings May 2023 Stephanie Fortune-Taylor, Huyen Nguyen, Sandra Rivera
  Proposition 12 and U.S. Pork: Implications for the U.S. Industry and Trade Executive Briefings May 2023 Kim Ha
  The Need for Speed: Chicken Line Speeds and U.S. Industry Competitiveness Executive Briefings Apr 2023 Jessica Pugliese
  Digital Currencies and Cross-Border Payments: An Overview Executive Briefings Apr 2023 Junie Joseph
  Why Can’t We be Friends? Friendshoring the REE Supply Chain Executive Briefings Apr 2023 Samantha DeCarlo and Anna Perry
  The Genealogy of Infant Formula Tariff-rate Quotas Executive Briefings Mar 2023 Brad Gehrke
  Sky-High Prices Contribute to Rising Fiber Optic Cable Costs Executive Briefings Mar 2023 Patrick Crotty
  Right to Repair: Impact on Competitiveness of Agricultural Machinery Firms Executive Briefings Mar 2023 Caroline Peters and Brennan Taylor