The staff research publications help keep the Commission and the public current on domestic and global activities that affect U.S. trade, investment, and competitiveness conditions. This research is typically conducted by staff in the Office of Economics and Office of Industries, and is published in three different formats. For further information about the differences between the publications, please visit Publications Type information.

Note that staff research publications reflect the work of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.

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  Keeping the High out of Hemp: Global THC Standards Executive Briefings May 2023 Samantha DeCarlo, Marin Weaver
  Gender, Preferential Trade Agreements, and Services Executive Briefings May 2023 Junie Joseph
  Race is Not Enough: Distributional Effects of Trade Analysis and the Salience of Ethnicity Executive Briefings May 2023 Stephanie Fortune-Taylor, Huyen Nguyen, Sandra Rivera
  Proposition 12 and U.S. Pork: Implications for the U.S. Industry and Trade Executive Briefings May 2023 Kim Ha
  The Need for Speed: Chicken Line Speeds and U.S. Industry Competitiveness Executive Briefings Apr 2023 Jessica Pugliese
  Digital Currencies and Cross-Border Payments: An Overview Executive Briefings Apr 2023 Junie Joseph
  Why Can’t We be Friends? Friendshoring the REE Supply Chain Executive Briefings Apr 2023 Samantha DeCarlo and Anna Perry
  The Genealogy of Infant Formula Tariff-rate Quotas Executive Briefings Mar 2023 Brad Gehrke
  Sky-High Prices Contribute to Rising Fiber Optic Cable Costs Executive Briefings Mar 2023 Patrick Crotty
  Right to Repair: Impact on Competitiveness of Agricultural Machinery Firms Executive Briefings Mar 2023 Caroline Peters and Brennan Taylor
  A Brief Introduction to Synthetic Biology Executive Briefings Mar 2023 Patrick Crotty
  U.S. Infant Formula Shortage and Supply and Trade Dynamics Executive Briefings Dec 2022 Lesley Ahmed
  From Balsa Wood to Polymer Foam in Wind Turbine Blades: Material Input Substitutes in Low-Carbon Technologies Executive Briefings Dec 2022 Robert Ireland
  Fat Chance: Is Irish Butter as Green as Consumers Think? Executive Briefings Nov 2022 Brad Gehrke
  A Small Colossus: Rhodium and Russia Executive Briefings Oct 2022 Samantha DeCarlo and Samuel Goodman
  New U.S. Law May Impede Imports of Wide Range of Products from Xinjiang, China Executive Briefings Oct 2022 David Coffin, Dixie Downing, Marin Weaver, and Eric Heath
  Russia, Ukraine, and Pig Iron Supply Executive Briefings Oct 2022 David Guberman
  Global Reliance on Chinese Manufacturing Executive Briefings Oct 2022 Lin Jones
  Bracing for a Softwood Lumber Supply Shock Executive Briefings Sep 2022 Sarah Scott
  Quantum Computing: Industry Developments Executive Briefings Sep 2022 Gregory LaRocca
  Small Fries Only?! Supply Chain Disruptions to Japan Executive Briefings Jul 2022 Jeff Clark, Steven LeGrand
  Disruptions to Global Supply Chains Due to the War in Ukraine Executive Briefings Jun 2022 Samantha DeCarlo, Samuel Goodman, Kelsi Van Veen, and Marin Weaver
  Russia and Aluminum Supply Chains Executive Briefings Jun 2022 Kelsi Van Veen
  A Tempest in the Oil Vat: Shocks to the Global Vegetable Oil Markets Executive Briefings Jun 2022 Marin Weaver
  Russia and Scandium's Scant Scale Executive Briefings Jun 2022 Samantha DeCarlo and Samuel Goodman
  How Does Increased EV Production Affect U.S. Automotive Employment? Executive Briefings May 2022 David Coffin
  The Impact of Conflict on the Global Helium Shortage Executive Briefings May 2022 Samantha DeCarlo and Samuel Goodman
  Russia, Palladium, and Semiconductors Executive Briefings May 2022 Samantha DeCarlo and Samuel Goodman
  What is Cell-cultured Meat? How’s it Made? Cell-cultured Meat Implications for Regulation and Trade Executive Briefings Apr 2022 Jessica Pugliese
  Ukraine, Neon, and Semiconductors Executive Briefings Apr 2022 Samantha DeCarlo, Samuel Goodman
  Chinese Wind Turbine Export Growth Continued in 2021 Executive Briefings Mar 2022 Andrew David
  "Grass” Roots: The Regrowth of Hemp Globally? Executive Briefings Mar 2022 Samantha DeCarlo and Marin Weaver
  Tapping Québec’s Strategic Reserve… or We’ve Got Your Pancakes Covered Executive Briefings Mar 2022 Brad Gehrke
  Residential Heat Pump (Hybrid) Water Heater Market, Production, and Trade Executive Briefings Feb 2022 Brian Daigle and Andrew David
  U.S.-EU Joint Statement Modifies U.S. Section 232 Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, Lifts EU Retaliatory Tariffs, and Announces Negotiations of a First-ever Carbon-based Sectoral Arrangement Executive Briefings Jan 2022 Karl Tsuji
  U.S. Seaports Face Elevated Risks in a Warmer World with Higher Seas Executive Briefings Jan 2022 Dylan Carlson and Samuel Goodman
  Let Them Eat (Yellow) Cake: Is Uranium Rebounding? Executive Briefings Dec 2021 Samantha DeCarlo and Brian Daigle
  Vietnam’s Integration in Global Value Chains: Opportunities and Vulnerabilities Executive Briefings Dec 2021 Lin Jones
  Arsenic and Rice in Baby Food Supply Chains Executive Briefings Dec 2021 Caroline Peters and Brad Gehrke
  The Tremendous Wooden Rollercoaster: Softwood Lumber Price Volatility, 2020–21 Executive Briefings Nov 2021 Sarah Scott and Robert Ireland
  Antimony: A Critical Material You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Executive Briefings Oct 2021 Brian Daigle and Samantha DeCarlo
  Preighters: How Airlines Pivoted Operations in the Face of a Global Pandemic Executive Briefings Oct 2021 Mitchell Semanik
  One Year Later: Trade and Production Developments for N95 Respirators Executive Briefings Aug 2021 Katherine Stubblefield
  Demographic Makeup of SMEs in the United States and United Kingdom Executive Briefings Jul 2021 Dixie Downing and Fernando Gracia
  How Can Environmental Regulation Impact Markets and Trade Patterns? Part 2 Executive Briefings Jul 2021 Jared Farber, Dixie Downing, and Brennan Taylor
  Glove Story: Global Glove Production Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Executive Briefings Jun 2021 Elizabeth Skokan
  REE Supply Chains Pt. II: The U.S. Searches for Supplies Outside of China Executive Briefings Jun 2021 Kelsi Van Veen and Alex Melton
  Australia and New Zealand’s New Privacy Laws and Enforcement Measures in an Era of Digital Growth Executive Briefings Jun 2021 Brian Daigle, Mahnaz Khan
  RCEP Effect on U.S. Light Vehicle Exports Limited Executive Briefings May 2021 David Coffin
  One Year into COVID-19: The Changing Story on Surgical and Isolation Gowns Executive Briefings May 2021 Mahnaz Khan