Section 332 Commission Notices

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Used Electronic Products: An Examination of U.S. Exports
Investigation # Date
Investigation No. 332-528 Submission of Questionnaire for OMB Review Issued May 11, 2012
Investigation No. 332-528 Proposed Information Collection; Comment Request; Used Electronic Products Questionnaire Issued March 30, 2012
Investigation No. 332-528 Institution of investigation and scheduling of hearing Issued January 30, 2012
Viscose Rayon Staple Fiber: Probable Effect of Modification of U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement Rules of Origin
Investigation # Date
Investigation No. Australia FTA-103-021 Institution of investigation Issued August 28, 2008
WTO Environmental Goods Trade Negotiations: Advice on the Probable Economic Effect of Providing Duty-Free Treatment, Second List of Articles
Investigation # Date
Investigation No. 131-TA-040 Notice Issued August 28, 2015
Wood Flooring and Hardwood Plywood: Competitive Conditions Affecting The U.S. Industries
Investigation # Date
Investigation No. 332-487 in accordance with the provision of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. Chapter 35), the Commission has submitted a request for approval of questionnaries to the Office of Management and Budget for review Issued September 4, 2007
Investigation No. 332-487 Rescheduling of public hearing. Issued July 3, 2007
Investigation No. 332-487 Insitution of investigation and scheduling of hearing. Issued April 16, 2007