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Staff Research Papers

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PDF icon On Cargo Security Measures and Trade Costs EC-2009-10-D José E. Signoret Oct 2009
PDF icon Export Controls An Overview of Their Use, Economic Effects, and Treatment in the Global Trading System ID-23 Joanna Bonarriva - Office of Industries, USITC
Michelle Koscielski - Office of Industries, USITC
Edward Wilson - Office of Industries, USITC
Aug 2009
PDF icon Stable and Radioactive Isotopes ITS-01 Jun 2009
PDF icon U.S. Agricultural Sales To Cuba: Certain Economic Effects of U.S. Restrictions (An Update) Recent Economic Literature and Data Analysis ID-22 Jonathan R. Coleman - Office of Industries, USITC Jun 2009
PDF icon Wind Turbines ITS-02 Jun 2009
PDF icon How Do Exchange Rates Affect Import Prices? Recent Economic Literature and Data Analysis ID-21 Cathy L. Jabara May 2009
PDF icon Estimating the Price Effects of Non-Tariff Barriers EC 200606A(r) Judith M. Dean
Robert Feinberg
Jose E. Signoret
Michael Ferrantino
Rodney Ludema
Feb 2009
PDF icon Property and Casualty Insurance Services Foreign Market Liberalization Effects on U.S. Labor RN 2009-01-A Marinos Tsigas
Tani Fukui
Jan 2009
PDF icon Patenting Trends and Innovation in Industrial Biotechnology 4039 Katherin Linton
Philip Stone
Jeremby Wise
Oct 2008
PDF icon Avoidance Behaviors of Exporters and Importers: Evidence From the U.S.-China Trade Data Discrepancy EC2008-09-B Michael J. Ferrantino
Xuepeng Liu
Zhi Wang
Sep 2008
PDF icon The Impact of Export Restraints on Rising Grain Prices EC2008-09-A Kendall Dollive Sep 2008
PDF icon Wood Packaging SPS Regulations: Effects on U.S. Imports and Containerized Trade ID-20 Cathy Jabara
David Ingersoll
Mary Burfisher
Sep 2008
PDF icon Export Diversification and the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act EC2008-09-E Justino De La Cruz Sep 2008
PDF icon How Vertically Specialized is Chinese Trade? EC2008-09-D Judith Dean
K.C. Fung
Zhi Wang
Sep 2008
PDF icon Quality Competition Pricing-To-Market and Non-Tariff Measures: A Unified Framework for the Analysis of Bilateral Unit Values EC2008-09-C Michael Ferrantino
Robert Feinberg
Lauren Deason
Sep 2008
PDF icon Technical Barriers to Trade: Reducing the Impact of Conformity Assessment Measures ID-19 Christopher Johnson Aug 2008
PDF icon Modeling the Impact of the U.S. Tobacco Quota Buyout 2008-06-A George S. Serletis
James J. Fetzer
May 2008
PDF icon How Much of Chinese Exports Is Really Made in China? Assessing Foreign and Domestic Value-Added in Gross Exports 2008-03-B Zhi Wang
Robert Koopman
Shang-jin Wei
Apr 2008
PDF icon Chinese Foreign Trade Performance and the China-US Trade: 1995-2004--A Graphical Analysis Based an China Customs Statistics 2008-03-A Shunli Yao Mar 2008
PDF icon China's Growing Market for Large Civil Aircraft ID-18 Peder Andersen Feb 2008
PDF icon International Cooperation on Trade and Labor Issues ID-17 Jennifer Baumert
Kyle Johnson
Dawn Heuschel
Brendan Lynch
Jan 2008
PDF icon COMPAS-commercial Policy Analysis System EC2007-12-A Joseph Francois
Keith Hall
Dec 2007
PDF icon Competitive Conditions for Foreign Direct Investment in India 3931 Laura Bloodgood Jul 2007
PDF icon Textile and Apparel Barriers and Rules of Origin in a Post-ATC World EC2007-06-A William M. Powers Jun 2007
PDF icon Endogenous Liberalization and Sectoral Trade EC2007-06-B William M. Powers Jun 2007
PDF icon The Emergence of India's Pharmaceutical Industry and Implications for the U.S. Generic Drug Market EC2007-05-A Alan K. Fox
William M. Powers
Ashley Winston
May 2007
PDF icon Accounting for Discrepancies in Bilateral Trade: The Case of China, Hong Kong, and the United States EC2007-04-A Michael J. Ferrantino
Zhi Wang
Apr 2007
PDF icon Measuring the Vertical Specialization in Chinese Trade EC2007-01-A Judith M. Dean
K.C. Fung
Zhi Wang
Jan 2007
PDF icon Is Trade Preference Erosion Bad for Development EC2006-11-A Judith M. Dean Nov 2006
PDF icon Exports and New Varieties: An Analysis of U.S. Mexico Agricultural Trade ID-16 Cathy L. Jabara
Brendan Lynch
Nov 2006
PDF icon U.S.-China Competition in the Indian Market EC2006-09-A William Greene Sep 2006
PDF icon Trends in U.S. Inbound and Outbound Direct Investment 3870 Laura Bloodgood Jul 2006
PDF icon The Dynamic Structure of U.S.-China Trade, 1995-2004 EC2006-07-A Alexander B. Hammer Jul 2006
PDF icon The Effects of Increasing Chinese Demand on Global Commodity Markets 3864 Laura Bloodgood Jun 2006
PDF icon Estimating the Price Effects of Non-Tariff Measures EC2006-06-A Judith M. Dean
Jose E. Signoret
Michael Ferrantino
Robert Feinberg
Rodney Ludema
Jun 2006
PDF icon Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment 3868 Jun 2006
PDF icon Policy Anchors: Do Free Trade Agreements And WTO Accessions Serve As Vehicles For Developing-Country Policy Reform? EC2006-04-A Michael J. Ferrantino Apr 2006
PDF icon Exploiting Long Run Cointegration Properties of A Quarterly U.S. System of Wheat-Related Products ID-15 Ronald A. Babula
Robert A. Rogowsky
Robert F.J. Romain
Mar 2006
PDF icon Growth in Services Outsourcing to India: Propellant or Drain on the U.S. Economy? 2005-12-A William Greene Jan 2006
PDF icon Foreign Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights: Implications for Selected U.S. Industries ID-14 Amanda Horan
Christopher Johnson
Heather Sykes
Oct 2005
PDF icon Dynamic Economic Relationships Among U.S. Soy Product Markets: Using a Cointegrated Vector Autoregression Approach with Directed Acyclic Graphs ID-13 Ronald A. Babula
David A. Bessler
Robert A. Rogowsky
Sep 2005
PDF icon A Compilation of Reported Non-Tariff Measures: Description of the Information EC2005-05-A William A. Donnelly
Diane Manifold
May 2005
PDF icon Cointegrated Vector Autoregression Methods: An Application to Non-Normally Behaving Data on Selected U.S. Sugar-Related Markets ID-12 Ronald A. Babula
Douglas Newman
Mar 2005
PDF icon Regional Trade Agreements: Effects of the Andean and Mercosur Pacts on the Venezuelan Soybean Trade and U.S. Exports ID-11 John Reeder
Jillian A. Torene. Cathy Jabara
Ronald A. Babula
Jan 2005
PDF icon A Partial Equilibrium Approach of Modeling Vertical Linkages in the U.S. Flat Rolled Steel Market EC2005-01-A James J. Fetzer Jan 2005
PDF icon An Analysis of the Impact of European Union and United States Dairy Policies on EU-U.S. Trade in Milk Protein ID-10 Brad C. Gehrke
Ronald A. Babula
Jonathan R. Coleman
Oct 2004
PDF icon Hub-and-Spokes Free-Trade Agreements in the Presence of Technology Spillovers: An Application to the Western Hemisphere EC2004-09-A Soamiely Andriamananjara Sep 2004
PDF icon The Liberalization of India's Telecommunications Sector: Implication for Trade and Investment EC2004-09-B Willian Greene Jul 2004
PDF icon Modeling U.S. Soy-Based Markets with Directed Acyclic Graphs and Time Series Econometrics: Evaluating the U.S. Market Impacts of High Soy Meal Prices ID-09 Ronald A. Babula
David A. Bessler
John R. Reeder
Agapi Somwaru
May 2004
PDF icon Monte Carlos Appraisals of Gravity Model Specification EC2004-05-A Michael A. Anderson
Micheal J. Ferrantino
Kurt C. Schaefer
May 2004