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Staff Research Papers

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PDF icon Television Picture Tubes and Other Cathode-Ray Tubes 2877 May 1995
PDF icon Global Competitiveness of The U.S. Computer Software and Service Industries (Staff research report) NA Jun 1995
PDF icon Stainless Steel Mill Products 2880 Jun 1995
PDF icon International Trade, Labor Standard and Labor Markets Conditions: An Evaluation of the Linkages NA Jun 1995
PDF icon Lumber, Flooring, and Siding 2917 Oct 1995
PDF icon Forklift Trucks and Related Vehicles 2954 Apr 1996
PDF icon Radar and Certain Radio Apparatus 3005 Nov 1996
PDF icon Japanese Corporate Activities in Asia--Implications For U.S.-Japan Relations NA Feb 1997
PDF icon Commercialization of New Manufacturing Processes for Materials 3100 Apr 1998
PDF icon Global Assessment of Stands Barriers to Trade in The Information Technology Industry 3141 Nov 1998
PDF icon Telecommunications Equipment: U.S. Performance in Selected Major Markets 3150 Dec 1998
PDF icon Wool and Related Animal Hair 3145 Dec 1998
PDF icon Review of Global Competitiveness in the Pharmaceutical Industry 3172 Apr 1999
PDF icon Inventing Around and Impacts on Modes of Entry in Japan--A cross-Country Analysis of U.S. Affiliates Sales and Licensing NA Nov 1999
PDF icon Examination of U.S. Inbound and Outbound Direct Investment 3383 Jan 2001
PDF icon India's Textile and Apparel Industry: Growth Potential and Trade and Investment Opportunities 3401 Sundar A. Shetty Mar 2001
PDF icon A Discussion on Armington Trade Substitution Elasticities EC2002-01-A Edward J. Balistreri
Christine A. McDaniel
Jan 2002
PDF icon Free Trade Agreements Between Developing and Industrialized Countries: Comparing the U.S.-Jordan FTA with Mexico's Experience Under NAFTA EC2002-01-B Grace V. Chomo Jan 2002
PDF icon Factors Affecting U.S. Trade and Shipments of Information Technology Products: Computer Equipment, Telecommunications Equipment, and Semiconductors ID-02 Theresa H. Canavan
Robert Carr
Christopher Johnson
Feb 2002
PDF icon Wood Pulp and Waste Paper 3490 Feb 2002
PDF icon The Rise and Fall of the Most-Favored-Nation Clause EC2002-06-B Pinar Cebi
Rodney Ludema
Jun 2002
PDF icon Prebisch-Singer Redux EC2002-06-A John T. Cuddington
Rodney Ludema
Shamila Jayasuriya
Jun 2002
PDF icon Do Preferential Trade Agreements Promote Growth? An Evaluation of the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act EC2002-07-A Judith M. Dean Jul 2002
PDF icon Estimating Tariff Equivalents of Nontrariff Barriers EC1994-06-A(r) Hugh M. Arce
Linda A. Linkins
Aug 2002
PDF icon Impact of China's Accession to the WTO on U.S. Agricultural Exports ID-03 Jonathan R. Coleman
John T. Fry
Devry S. Boughner
Sep 2002
PDF icon Motor Vehicles 3545 Sep 2002
PDF icon The NAFTA Preference of U.S.-Mexico Trade EC2002-10-A Laurie-Ann Agama
Christine A. McDaniel
Oct 2002
PDF icon A Decomposition of North American Trade Growth Since NAFTA EC2002-12-A Russell H. Hillberry
Christine A. McDaniel
Dec 2002
PDF icon Cut Flowers 3580 Feb 2003
PDF icon Oilseeds 3576 Feb 2003
PDF icon Live Sheep and Meat of Sheep 3579 Feb 2003
PDF icon Factors Affecting Trade in Mexican Imports of Poultry Meat from the United States ID-04 Jonathan R. Coleman
Warren Payne
Mar 2003
PDF icon Protecting U.S. Intellectual Property Rights and the Challenges of Digital Piracy ID-05 Christopher Johnson
Daniel J. Walworth
Mar 2003
PDF icon Organic Commodity Chemicals 3590 Mar 2003
PDF icon Pasta 3592 Apr 2003
PDF icon The Global Positioning System: Global Developments and Opportunities ID-06 Christopher Johnson
Daniel J. Walworth
May 2003
PDF icon TSCAPE: A Time Series of Consistent Accounts for Policy Evaluation EC2003-05-A Edward J. Balistreri
Alan K. Fox
May 2003
PDF icon Dynamic Relationships Among Selected U.S. Commodity-Based, Value-Added Markets--Applying Directed Acyclic Graphics to Time Series Model ID-07 Ronald A. Babula
David A. Bessler
Warren S. Payne
Jul 2003
PDF icon Bakery Products 3635 Sep 2003
PDF icon Alternative Approaches in Estimating the Economic Effects of Non-Tariff Measures: Results from newly Quantified Measures EC2003-12-C Soamiely Andriamananjara
Michael Ferrantino
Marianos Tsigas
Dec 2003
PDF icon Estimating the Tariff-Equivalent of NTMS EC2003-12-B Judith Dean
Robert Feinberg
Michael Ferrantino
Rodney Ludema
Dec 2003
PDF icon Furskins 3666 Jan 2004
PDF icon Revised Armington Elasticities of Substitution for the USITC Model and the Concordance for Constructing a Consistent Set for the GTAP Model EC2004-01-A William Donnelly
Kyle Johnson
Marinos Tsigas
Jan 2004
PDF icon Private Sector Participation in the Water and Wastewater Services Industry ID-08 Jennifer Baumert
Laura Bloodgood
Jan 2004
PDF icon Foreign Direct Investment and Pollution Havens: Evaluating the Evidence from China EC2004-01-B Judith Dean
Mary Lovely
Hua Wang
Jan 2004
PDF icon Transshipment in the United States EC2004-04-B Soamiely Andriamanajara
Hugh Arce
Michael J. Ferrantino
Apr 2004
PDF icon The Effects of Non-Tariff Measures on Prices, Trade, and Welfare: CGE Implementation of Policy-Based Price Comparisons EC2004-04-A Soamiely Andriamananjara
Judith M. Dean
Robert Feinberg
Michael J. Ferrantino
Rodney Ludema
Marianos Tsigas
Apr 2004
PDF icon Modeling U.S. Soy-Based Markets with Directed Acyclic Graphs and Time Series Econometrics: Evaluating the U.S. Market Impacts of High Soy Meal Prices ID-09 Ronald A. Babula
David A. Bessler
John R. Reeder
Agapi Somwaru
May 2004
PDF icon Monte Carlos Appraisals of Gravity Model Specification EC2004-05-A Michael A. Anderson
Micheal J. Ferrantino
Kurt C. Schaefer
May 2004
PDF icon The Liberalization of India's Telecommunications Sector: Implication for Trade and Investment EC2004-09-B Willian Greene Jul 2004