Interactive Data Dashboard for Pacific Island Trade with the United States, Inv. No. 332-593

This interactive dashboard accompanies the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (Commission) report Pacific Island Trade with the United States, Inv. No. 332-593. Extensive economic and trade data were collected for each Pacific Island economy, but not every data point for every economy could be presented within the report. The interactive dashboard compiles all the data collected and allows users to explore the data for each economy in one location.

Dashboard users can select one of the 22 Pacific Island economies from the dropdown menu in the top left, and the data in the table below the dropdown menu and figures to the right will update with data specific to that economy (figure 1). The table below the dropdown menu shows 2021 data for various key indicators. Users can hover over the bars in the bar charts or wedges of the donut charts to get further information about the datapoint (e.g., value, share). Users can also toggle between years on the top product charts (donut charts). The data for the top products of 2021 can be be toggled to show their data in other years of the investigative period.