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Available Testimony from Recent Hearings

Olive Oil: Conditions of Competition between U.S. and Major Foreign Supplier Industries
Inv. No. 332-537
December 5, 2012

Witness List  [PDF]

Adam Englehardt, California Olive Ranch
Patricia Darragh, California Olive Oil Council
Gregg Kelley, California Olive Ranch
Kyle Sawatzky, The Bari Olive Oil Company
Pat Ricchuiti, Enzo Olive Oil Company
Bruce Golino, Santa Cruz Olive Tree Nursery
Dr. Mechel Paggi, California State University Fresno
Dr. Selina Wang, University of California, Davis
Tom Mueller, Author
Eryn Balch, North American Olive Oil Association
Frank Patton, Pompeian, Inc.
John Sessler, JCS Tradecom
Alex Ott, American Olive Oil Producers Association
Exhibits, American Olive Oil Producers Association
Leandro Ravetti, Boundary Bend Limited
Dr. Rodney Mailer, Charles Sturt University - Australia
Marshall McKay, Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation
Jason Shaw, Georgia Olive Farms
Sydne Smith, Georgia State Department of Agriculture
Karen Lee, Cowgirl Brands LLC
Abigail Rutledge, Next Door Pantry LLC
Joshua Swafford, Central Texas Olive Ranch, LLC
Jim Henry, Texas Olive Ranch
Michael O'Hara Garcia, The Florida Olive Council, LAA

Note to Users: Witnesses are not required to bring copies of their testimony to ITC hearings, but if they do, the ITC makes copies available to the public. PDF versions of available testimony will be posted inthis space as soon as possible on the day of an ITC hearing and will remain here for several days.

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