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USITC Launches Upgraded Electronic Document Information System (EDIS)

September 24, 2018
News Release 18-113
Contact: Peg O'Laughlin, 202-205-1819
USITC Launches Upgraded Electronic Document Information System (EDIS)

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) today deployed a major upgrade to its Electronic Document Information System (EDIS), the online document management tool and repository through which documents in all official USITC investigations must be filed.

EDIS 3.10 provides new features for users to make the system easier to navigate and more user-friendly.  The system has been significantly re-engineered to make it more agile and to lay the groundwork for future improvements (including e-filing).

Information about and highlights of the upgraded EDIS system are described below.  Users are encouraged to go into EDIS and discover its improvements for themselves at


  • User names and passwords will transfer automatically to EDIS 3.10.

  • Existing RSS feeds will NOT transfer automatically to EDIS 3.10 – users will have to re-create them in the new system.

  • All existing calls to the Web Service API will continue to work using the existing URL structure.

  • Accounts that have been inactive for six months will transfer automatically to EDIS 3.10, but they will remain inactive – users will have to contact the EDIS Help Desk for information/assistance (email: or phone: 202-205-EDIS (3347)).


  • Filtered Searching Capabilities – Users will be able to search within initial search results.

  • Saved Searches – Users will be able save searches in the EDIS 3.10 platform.

  • Guided Submission Process – EDIS administrators have developed a “filing wizard” that will walk users through the submission process.  The USITC expects this to enhance consistency among filings and eliminate common filing errors.

  • Automatic Lock-Out Clearance – In a previous upgrade, the USITC gave users the ability to change their passwords on a self-serve basis, 24/7.  In this upgrade, the USITC is adding an automatic lock-out clearance feature.  Users who are locked out after three failed log-in attempts will now be able to get back into the system after just 15 minutes.


  • The USITC has created two training webinar options to help users learn to navigate EDIS 3.10:
    • Option 1 – EDIS Pro, for seasoned EDIS users who need only an overview of the new features.

    • Option 2 – EDIS Basic, a series of focused webinars for new users, those who need a refresher on specific EDIS processes, and those who want a more in-depth EDIS training experience.

  • Both Options will be available 24/7 so users can learn when it suits their schedules and needs.

  • The Training Webinars can be found on the EDIS Support Page, here:


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