October 26, 2010
News Release 10-120
Inv. Nos. 731-TA-1174 and 1175 (Final)
Contact: Peg O'Laughlin, 202-205-1819


The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) today determined that a U.S. industry is threatened with material injury by reason of imports of seamless refined copper pipe and tube from China and Mexico that the U.S. Department of Commerce (Commerce) has determined are sold in the United States at less than fair value.

Chairman Deanna Tanner Okun and Commissioners Daniel R. Pearson, Shara L. Aranoff, and Irving A. Williamson made affirmative determinations on the basis of threat. Commissioner Charlotte R. Lane made affirmative determinations on the basis of present injury. Commissioner Dean A. Pinkert did not participate in these investigations.

As a result of the USITC's affirmative threat determinations, Commerce will issue antidumping duty orders on imports of these products from China and Mexico.

The Commission's public report Seamless Refined Copper Pipe and Tube from China and Mexico (Investigation Nos. 731-TA-1174 and 1175 (Final), USITC Publication 4193, November 2010) will contain the views of the Commissioners and information developed during the investigations.

Copies may be obtained after November 29, 2010, by emailing pubrequest@usitc.gov, calling 202-205-2000, or by writing the Office of the Secretary, 500 E Street SW, Washington, DC 20436. Requests may also be made by fax to 202-205-2104.

Office of Industries
Washington, DC 20436


Seamless Refined Copper Pipe and Tube from China and Mexico
Investigations Nos. 731-TA-1174 and 1175 (Final)

Product Description:

The product covered by these investigations is all seamless refined (high-purity) copper pipe and tube, greater than or equal to 6 inches in length, and less than 12.130 inches in outside diameter, regardless of wall thickness, inner or outer surface textures, manufacturing process, end-finish, coating, insulation, attachments, or physical configuration. Also included are sets of seamless refined copper pipes and tubes, including "line sets" to connect outdoor air conditioners or heat pumps to indoor evaporator units. The products subject to these investigations are currently classifiable under HTS subheadings 7411.10.1030 and 7411.10.1090, and may also enter under HTS subheadings 7407.10.1500, 7419.99.5050, 8415.90.8065, and 8415.90.8085.

Status of Proceedings:

1.  Types of investigations:  Final antidumping.
2.  Petitioners:  Cerro Flow Products Inc., Kobe Wieland Copper Products LLC, Mueller
       Copper Tube Products Inc., and Mueller Copper Tube Co. Inc.
3.  Investigations instituted by USITC:  September 30, 2009.
4.  Hearing:  September 23, 2010.
5.  USITC vote:  October 26, 2010.
6.  USITC notification of Department of Commerce:  November 8, 2010.   

U.S. Industry:

1.  Number of U.S. firms involved in production of SRC pipe and tube in 2010:  14.
2.  Production volume is concentrated in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan,
       Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania,
       Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.
3.  Employment of production and related workers in 2009:  2,902.
4.  U.S. producers' shipments in 2009:  513 million pounds.
5.  U.S. apparent consumption in 2009:  698 million pounds.
6.  Ratio of quantity of total imports to U.S. apparent consumption in 2009:  20.0 percent.(1) 

U.S. Imports:
1.  Quantity of subject imports in 2009:  140 million pounds.
2.  Value of subject imports in 2009:  $375 million.

(1) Calculation based on unrounded data.

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