July 14, 2005
News Release 05-080
Inv. Nos. 731-TA-1092-1093 (P)
Contact: Peg O'Laughlin, 202-205-1819


The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) today determined that there is a reasonable indication that a U.S. industry is materially injured or threatened with material injury by reason of imports of diamond sawblades and parts thereof from China and Korea that are allegedly sold in the United States at less than fair value.

All six Commissioners voted in the affirmative.

As a result of the Commission's affirmative determinations, the U.S. Department of Commerce will continue to conduct its antidumping investigations of imports of diamond sawblades from China and Korea, with its preliminary antidumping determinations due on or about October 31, 2005.

The Commission's public report Diamond Sawblades and Parts Thereof from China and Korea (Investigation No. 731-TA-1092-1093 (Preliminary), USITC Publication 3791, July 2005) will contain the views of the Commission and information developed during the investigations.

Copies of the report are expected to be available after August 15, 2005, by calling 202-205-1809 or from the Office of the Secretary, 500 E Street SW, Washington, DC 20436. Requests may also be faxed to 202-205-2104.


Diamond Sawblades and Parts Thereof from China and Korea
Investigation Nos. 731-TA-1092-1093 (Preliminary)

Product Description:

The products covered by these investigations are all finished circular sawblades, whether slotted or not, with a working part that is comprised of a diamond segment or segments, and parts thereof, regardless of specification or size, except as specifically excluded. Within the scope of these investigations are semifinished diamond sawblades, including diamond sawblade cores and diamond sawblade segments. Diamond sawblade cores are circular steel plates, whether or not attached to non-steel plates, with slots. Diamond sawblade cores are manufactured principally, but not exclusively, from alloy steel. A diamond sawblade segment consists of a mixture of diamonds and metal powders that are formed together into a solid shape (often through a heating and pressing process). The imported merchandise subject to these investigations is provided for in subheading 8202.39.00 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States ("HTS"). 1/

Status of Proceedings:
1. Type of investigations:  Preliminary antidumping.
2. Petitioners:  Diamond Sawblade Manufacturers' Coalition and its individual members:  Blackhawk
Diamond, Inc., Fullerton, CA; Diamond B, Inc., Santa Fe Springs, CA; Diamond Products, Elyria, OH;
Dixie Diamond, Lilburn, GA; Hoffman Diamond, Punxsutawney, PA; Hyde Manufacturing, Southbridge,
MA; Sanders Saws, Honey Brook, PA; Terra Diamond, Salt Lake City, UT; and Western Saw, Inc., Oxnard,
3. Investigations instituted by USITC:  May 3, 2005.
4. Conference:  June 15, 2005.
5. USITC vote:  July 14, 2005.
6. USITC notification of Department of Commerce:  July 18, 2005. 

U.S. Industry: 2/
1. Number of U.S. firms involved in production of diamond sawblades in 2004:  21.
2. Production volume is located in California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,
and Utah.
3. Employment of production and related workers:  555
4. U.S. producers' U.S. shipments in 2004:  702,776 units, valued at $121.3 million
5. U.S. apparent consumption in 2004:  6,963,788 units, $216.9 million
6. Ratio of subject imports to apparent U.S. consumption in 2004:  67.9 percent (quantity), 33.0 percent

U.S. Imports: 2/
1. Quantity of subject imports in 2004:  5.1 million units
2. Value of subject imports in 2004:  $50.8 million
-- 30 --

1/ When packaged together as a set for retail sale with an item that is separately classified under headings 8202 to 8205 of the HTS, diamond sawblades or parts thereof may be imported under heading 8206.00.00 of the HTS.

2/Data presented is for finished diamond sawblades only. Data for diamond sawblade parts is withheld to avoid disclosure of business proprietary information.